Nurse Gives 4-Year-Old Leukemia Patient a Special Gift


This summer, a 4-year-old girl battling leukemia asked to ‘marry’ her favorite nurse who had helped her battle the disease with years of treatments. The nurse,¬†Matt Hickling,¬†said yes, and a wedding was held at Albany Medical Center.

The ceremony was adorable …

If that wasn’t enough to bring a tear to your eye, Abby and Matt followed through and had a ‘wedding reception’ this month, which also doubled as a fundraiser.

Via ABC News:

A 4-year-old girl who battled leukemia got to enjoy a very special night for her own “wedding reception.”

Abby Sayles, 4, is battling childhood leukemia. This summer, as Abby underwent treatment, she asked her favorite nurse Matt Hickling to “marry her.” That informal ceremony helped raise Abby’s spirits as she continued her treatment.

This month Abby got an even bigger celebration: she had a “wedding reception” complete with a fancy white dress and first dance. The celebration was more than just a party; it was a fundraiser for the Nicks Fight to be Healed, a foundation that offers financial support to pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Check out this incredible ‘wedding’ picture:


Watch the local news report on the event below …

Comment: Isn’t this a great feel good story for the holiday week? Tell us what you thought of Abby and Matt’s wedding.

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