NSA Leaker Confirmed to be Bernie Sanders Supporter

On Monday night, the Department of Justice revealed that the FBI had arrested an NSA contractor for leaking a Top Secret document to the publication, The Intercept.

The individual, Reality Leigh Winner, was caught printing and sending documents that detailed alleged Russian efforts to hack into voter registration databases prior to the 2016 election.

Not only is this contractor facing serious federal charges, but it appears as though her decision to betray the United States was rooted in her deep hatred for President Trump and her desire to undermine his presidency.

In the hours since her arrest, Winner has been outed as a vocal supporter of Bernie Sanders, who “resists” the Trump administration, despite working for the government to serve their policy objectives.

The Daily Caller points out that her social media platforms make clear that in addition to supporting Sanders, Bill Maher, and Michael Moore, she “is a supporter of other liberal causes, including the Women’s March and the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim civil rights group. She also recently referred to President Trump as a “piece of sh*t” because of his position on the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protests.”

Back in February, just one day after beginning her job as an NSA contractor, she posted to Facebook about a meeting she had with Republican David Perdue, in which she discussed her liberal views on global warming and fossil fuels:

In her post, Winner expresses just how liberal she is:

Meanwhile, my plea that our senators not be afraid to directly state when our president or his cabinet tell outright lies was well heard. I was able to draw the parallel between the 2011 interview of President Bashar al Assad claiming utter ignorance of the human rights violations his citizens were protesting to Trump’s statement last week that the White House hadn’t received any calls about the DAPL, nor were there any protests before last week. They got the message.

In another Facebook post, she continued to spout off liberal views, this time over the Dakota Access Pipeline, using the #resist and #NeverMyPresident to show her hatred for President Trump:

In her final post on Facebook, just one day before being arrested, Winner said  “You are what you love, not who loves you.”:

Given her ties to the far-left, its clear that Winner’s goal at the NSA was to betray this country and try and destroy President Trump by leaking classified information to foreign sources. Federal officials should prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law.

Individuals like Winner, who are vocal opponents of this administration and government should reevaluate whether or not they can work for the government in the future. Better yet, the Trump administration needs to clean house in the bureaucracy and get rid of disloyal liberals who despise him.

If one’s partisan political views cloud their judgment and endanger America’s national security interests, they have no place in our government.

What punishment do you think Winner should receive for leaking Top Secret documents aimed at harming President Trump? Share your thoughts below! 


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  • Since she is a supporter of the Islamic Society of North America... how about an ankle bracelet and house arrest at Little Mogadishu , where Somalis of her generation threaten to rape and kill white women? She could live under Sharia Law where she could advocate for her adopted people.

  • I urge MINIMAL PRISON SENTENCING for her! She certainly knows every other anti-American conspirator in our federal government. Let her "roll on" other, bigger fish in order to entrap the rest of the conspirators. We must unearth and remove this sinister domestic enemy network.

  • William: if "what she put out was fake", then she didn't break any laws. Why are you mad at her?

    Clowekey: if "she should hang for what she's done", then you object to knowing that Russians were hacking American voting officials. Why do you want that kept secret? Do you work for Putin? Or just do his work for free?

  • SHe is the new face of CNN. SHe is ex-employee whom CNN did a good job of teaching to hate.

  • Being she is so dead against Trump that what she put out was fake info drummed up be her and the left. In todays ways we get so much crap that who it to believe what

  • I guess she is just tired of being a winner. Get it ? Tired of being a winner. Now from now on she will be a NUMBER in a federal institution. LOL

  • Please explain to me how people with political views like Leigh get top secret security clearances. But then you'd also have to explain to me how a self-professed Marxist and muslim convert like John Brennan can become DCIA.

  • lucky her names not Hillary, she only sells uranium to Russia & rips of Haitian EQ victims ,nothing to see here ha ha, I wont mention a 100 or so witness's dying under very strange circumstances.

  • She released Secret documents which is against the law. So, she will be prosecuted and a court will determine the facts.

    In the mean time, why is it a Top Secret that Russia broke into American companies that provide voting software? Who are they trying to protect? The Russians already know who they attacked.

    Think about it for a minute.
    Russia attacked VR Systems and sent bogus emails to 122 election officials from the data they obtained trying to gain their security access to the voting process.
    Candidate Donald Trump announced that the election was rigged.
    If NSA didn't know about it yet, who told Donald?
    The Russians? Why?

    We do know that Donald asked the Russians to obtain and release Clinton's emails.
    Which they did through Wikileaks.
    We do know that Donald tried to release Russian assets frozen when Russia invaded Crimea.
    Quid pro quo?

    • Mr. Popp,
      I believe that you have spoken quite reasonably on the current Leak Issue.

      I misjudged you last month, and for that I am sorry.

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