This Elderly Woman Got The Greatest Gift Of All From Our Troops!

Hug Lady

When I came home from the Gulf War, elderly ladies met us at the gate we flew into and they gave us hugs and thanked us for our service. I never forgot that.

For more than a decade, Elizabeth Laird has been sending off military members from Fort Hood, Texas, in the best way possible – with a huge hug. And each time they return home, she greets them the same way.

Check out the rest of this story from KWTX:

Former President George W. Bush has joined the list of those expressing thanks and well wishes to the seriously ill Central Texas woman who made it her mission to hug every deploying Fort Hood soldier during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Fort Hood’s “Hug Lady,” Elizabeth Laird, 83, remains in Metroplex Hospital, to which she was admitted more than a week ago after developing tachycardia, an abnormally fast heartbeat.

Laird has been battling the breast cancer for 10 years and has refused further chemotherapy and radiation, opting instead for natural treatments, her son said.

In the letter, Bush expressed thanks for her dedication to soldiers, an estimated 500,000 of whom received hugs from her over the past 12 years.

“I was surprised,” she said.

“It’s amazing, all of this is amazing. He was a good president.”

Laird said Wednesday she expects to be released from Metroplex Hospital within the next three days.

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Hug Lady

Hug Lady

But recently, she has been unable to fulfill her role. This is how the are soldiers responding:

Pray for Ms. Elizabeth that she recovers and can perform at least half of what she was going before. She loves to support our military.

What do you think of her story and how she’s been able to sustain this over a long period of time. Share your comments below and add this to your timeline.


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