Not Funny: Comedian Bill Cosby Just Got BAD, Bad News

Bill Cosby

It pisses me off that someone’s reputation can be destroyed these days without a conviction in a court of law. It happens to teachers all the time. Even after they are exonerated, even after the accuser admits to lying, they are still out of a job, and are forever marked as that “maybe” criminal when they did absolutely nothing wrong.

People who are found guilty by a trial of their peers are criminals. People who are accused of a crime are not presumed guilty; that is NOT how this country is supposed to operate.

Bill Cosby

EVERYONE is entitled to their day in court, and disrespecting this legal precedent by making slanderous or libelous remarks is disrespecting everything this country stands for. Even more disgusting are people who are so stupid that they confuse those who support the law as being a supporter of the accused. NO no no. That is an immature cop-out.

From the DailyMail:

A US judge paved the way Wednesday for disgraced TV legend Bill Cosby to stand trial for the first time on a criminal sexual assault charge, throwing out an attempt by his lawyers to dismiss the case.

Dozens of women have come forward to accuse the 78-year-old Cosby of abuse in allegations spanning four decades, but the vast majority have expired under statues of limitations.
The megastar turned pariah spent two days in court in Norristown, just outside Philadelphia, as his lawyers disputed the legality of the case, which dates back to 2004 and was settled in 2006 by a civil suit.

In a deposition Cosby gave as part of the civil suit, he admitted giving the woman, Andrea Constand, a pill but said all relations with her were consensual and accused her of lying about the assault.

Check out this video report:

Just because we support this nation’s legal process has nothing to do with helping the actual person. So if anyone wants to look like a moron, go ahead and take that carrot. The media is by far the worst culprit. So many times they slip and do not say “accused” or “allegedly” anymore.

At best, all you have is unproven hearsay, biased rumor either for or against, and mob mentality. Things you wouldn’t want if you were on trial, so for God’s sake people, let this person have a fair hearing before you spout off.

H/T: DailyMail

What do you think of the court’s decision? Will Cosby face jail? Share your thoughts and opinions below and let us know what your thinking.

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