It’s happening!

The much-lauded peace summit between the United States and North Korea is back on. President Trump has just confirmed that he will be going to Singapore to negotiate, among other things, denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

Politico just confirmed:

President Donald Trump announced Friday that his historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un later this month is back on.

“We’ll be meeting on June 12 in Singapore,” Trump said at the White House after meeting with Kim Yong Chol, North Korea’s No. 2 official.

This is great news. With all the tension in the air in the run-up to the meeting, it’s a wonder it’s even happening at all.

We heard last week from President Trump that the meeting was canceled. (BREAKING: North Korea Summit With President Trump Canceled). Given the provocations of the North Korean regime, the cancellation didn’t come as a surprise. You can’t threaten the U.S. military with violence and not expect consequences.

But now it looks like Trump was using high-stakes negotiation skills the whole time. Even after the summit was supposedly canceled, the White House ensured that the proper preparations would still take place in case of a last-minute decision. (RELATED: White House Continues Preparations for North Korea Summit).

Now it looks like that decision has been made and the meeting is back on. This will be the first time an American president has met one-on-one with the North Korean leader. President Trump knows how historical this meeting will be, and he wants to have a peace deal by the end of it.

Let’s hope Trump is able to make a deal that benefits both America and the Korean people. The world has been waiting too long for this not to happen.

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