‘No Way Out’ For Bud Light After Woke Dylan Mulvaney Scandal, Former Levi’s Exec Jennifer Sey Says

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Bud Light has lost over $27 billion since teaming up with the transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney for an ad campaign back in April. Though the brand has been scrambling to save itself in the months since then, a former top executive for Levi’s is speaking out to say that there is likely “no way out” for Bud Light.

‘No Way Out’ For Bud Light

Former business executive Jennifer Sey told Fox News that brands with the kind of “big, broad reach” that Bud Light has should “think long and hard” before going woke and doing what she describes as “reputation laundering.”

“The companies that do would argue it’s about inclusion, but what people are rejecting is not the idea of inclusion, they’re rejecting an underlying ideology which states that men can be women and that there is no such thing as biology,” Sey explained. “These companies have taken these stances to curry favor with consumers. And what they’ve learned very quickly is there’s a large portion of consumers that are saying, ‘Yeah, no. I don’t believe in that. I’m gonna take my business elsewhere.'”

That’s when she shifted to specifically talking about Bud Light.

“Unfortunately, I think for Bud Light, there is now no way out but through… They could have apologized in the beginning to their loyal fans. They did not,” she stated. “And now they’ve just angered both sides and their business continues to suffer.”

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Bud Light Angers Both Sides – Mulvaney Jumps Ship

Bud Light has indeed angered both sides. While conservatives have launched a highly effective boycott of the brand, Mulvaney has also turned her back on Bud Light, indicating that leftists have had enough of the brand as well.

“I was waiting for the brand to reach out to me, but they never did. I’ve been scared to leave my house,” Mulvaney said in a video posted to social media last month. “For a company to hire a trans person and then not publicly stand by them is worse than not hiring a trans person at all.”

“Because it gives customers permission to be as transphobic and as hateful as they want. There’s should be nothing controversial or divisive about working with us,” the transgender influencer continued. “I have been ridiculed in public I’ve been followed and I have felt a loneliness that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.”

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Sey Doubles Down

No wonder Sey is so convinced that there is “no way out” for Bud Light!

“I think they’re certainly scratching their heads about what to do but honestly for them at this point, I think there’s no way out, but they have to wait it out,” Sey continued in her interview. “There’s no way out but through.”

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Sey concluded by calling on executives of other brands to take notice of what happened to Bud Light.

“If I was an executive at a company, and I was watching the beating that Bud Lights revenues, share and stock price have taken, I would want to avoid that. For the brand and business that I worked one,” she said. “And you can do it by just staying focused on product. The brands- Modelo, Miller, Coors that have taken up the share that Bud lost- they haven’t messaged in the opposite way. They’ve just message straight up the middle on product.”

It’s safe to say that Bud Light has definitely learned the hard way by now that “go woke, go broke” is something that has to be taken seriously. It’s hard not to agree with Sey that there is “no way out” for Bud Light, and if other brands don’t see what happened to this beer company as a  warning of the dangers of going woke, they may be doomed as well.

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