Newt Gingrich Believes Biden-Harris Will Implode And That Right Now Is Their Peak

Newt Gingrich Believes Biden-Harris Will Implode And That Right Now Is Their Peak

On Monday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich predicted that the Democrats’ presidential ticket of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will “collapse.”

Gingrich told “Fox & Friends” that “this will be the high-water mark before the collapse of the Biden-Harris ticket.”

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Will Biden-Harris fail as badly as Democrat McGovern in 1972?

Gingrich believes the 2020 Democratic ticket will one day be looked back on as being similar to former presidential candidate George McGovern’s 1972 bid, in which Richard Nixon defeated Sen. McGovern in a landslide.

With Antifa-led vandalism under the guise of “protest” still happening nationwide, it’s hard to to also conjure up images of the chaotic 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

Chicago’s Democrat Mayor Richard Dayley at the time even issued “shoot to kill” orders.

While recent polls vary, Trump is shrinking the gap in most

“Rasmussen just came out and said 55 percent of the country does not think Biden will complete his first term, which means people are going to be looking at Harris as a president, not a vice president,” Gingrich said.

As the Democratic National Convention begins Monday night, a new national poll reflects that Joe Biden’s ten point-plus lead over President Trump has shrunk.

In a CNN survey conducted Aug. 12-15, Biden-Harris beats Trump-Pence 50%-46% among registered voters, and the 4-point lead for the Democrats is right at the survey’s margin of error.


A new ABC News/Washington Post shows Biden holding a 12-point, 53%-41% lead over Trump.

The ABC News/Washington Post was conducted on the same days as the CNN poll also showed the Biden besting topping Trump by 10-points, 54%-44%.

Biden has a 7.5 lead over Trump when averaging all national polls

Real Clear Politics’ latest average of all the national general election polls shows Biden with a 7.5 point lead over Trump.


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Gingrich believes the Rasmussen poll’s results could be problematic for the former vice president given that almost 40 percent of Americans “think that Biden has cognitive problems.”

“They just sent out this really pathetic thing from the Biden-Harris campaign headquarters that said these two people are ready to lead from day one and they have this weird picture of Harris and Biden in masks, both of them looking down like they don’t want to fall,” Gingrich said.

“It just gives you a flavor of where they’re going,” he added.

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