New Video Shows Democrat Jamaal Bowman Deliberately Pulled Fire Alarm

New video shows Jamaal Bowman lied about his reasoning for pulling a fire alarm and interfering in official government proceedings.
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Democrat Jamaal Bowman is an insurrectionist, if we take Democrats at their word that delaying a Congressional vote is “insurrection.”

If a video had surfaced on January 6th of a MAGA hat-wearing white man doing exactly what the New York Representative did nearly a month ago, they would have been arrested, detained until trial, charged by the Department of Justice, and imprisoned for a minimum of several months.

Bowman, as we’re sure you’ve heard by now, pulled a clearly marked fire alarm beside a clearly marked emergency door at the Cannon House Office Building in late September. He did so intentionally in order to delay a House vote on a spending bill at the time.

And we’re not going to play the game that Bowman or the authorities are obviously willing to play. The congressman very clearly pulled the alarm on purpose, with the intent of interfering in official government proceedings.

Rather than face the full force of the justice system, however, Bowman copped a plea for his actions and will have to pay a $1,000 fine and pen a letter of apology.

He’s an insurrectionist. But he got away with it. Why?

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Video Shows Bowman Lied About Fire Alarm Stunt

In an incredibly coincidental twist to the sole benefit of Bowman, video of the congressman’s actions that day was released after the plea deal had been struck.

The video definitively shows that he lied about what he was trying to do.

Bowman, who was a school principal and well-versed in fire drills, released an initial statement saying that he was “rushing” to the vote and had pulled the alarm thinking it would open the door.

The video clearly shows he was not rushing in any manner.

Go ahead and watch that video again.

Not only is he not “rushing” to vote, but several other moves on his part show that he had clearly calculated his movements in trying to stall the vote.

First, he does not push on the bar to open the door on the right. He gives it a little tap with his foot, but his hands do not go to the bar. Instead, they reach for the emergency sign sitting on that handle, and he pulls it off the door.

Next, he taps the bottom of the sign on the left door as a means to knock it to the floor. With those two signs now removed, Bowman can feign not knowing it was an emergency exit only.

And third, Bowman’s initial statement indicated that he “activated the fire alarm, mistakenly thinking it would open the door.”

But the video shows him quickly hit the switch and, oddly enough, he doesn’t turn back to the right where the doors are. Instead, he immediately turns to the left without even looking in the other direction.

If he thought that switch would open the door, he would have hit it and then moved toward the door.

Bowman, knowing he’s gotten away with his actions, continued to pretend it was an accident.

“Listen, you know, I pulled the fire alarm and I did not do it to disrupt a court proceeding, like I said. I was trying to get out the door. I was rushing to a vote,” he said.

He lied. He continues to lie. Why? Because he’s an insurrectionist and he knows that the current two-tiered system of justice will allow him to say and do whatever he likes.

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Ripped As A ‘Bold-Faced Liar’

Several Republican critics responded to the video showing that Bowman is an insurrectionist with outrage.

Fellow New York Rep. Mike Lawler (NY) said it was clear his colleague was trying to create chaos.

“Look, he obviously pulled the fire alarm. He obviously did it to stall and create chaos,” Lawler told Fox & Friends Sean Hannity. “That’s what he is. He’s a chaos agent.”

Chaos agent = Insurrectionist.

Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker called Bowman out for being a “bold-faced liar.”

“This is not a brain freeze. Not an accident,” Walker wrote on X. “This was a premeditated attempt to stop other Members of Congress from voting.”

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) took a slightly different approach, helpfully offering Bowman a tutorial on how to properly exit the building in the event that the doors are locked on the weekend.

“No need to pull a fire alarm, you simply have to walk down some steps,” she said. “Jamaal Bowman knew what he was doing. He was trying to interrupt the vote.”

“Bowman needs to be arrested and prosecuted on the same charges being used to imprison J6ers,” she added.

Remarkably, Bowman actually circulated a memo advising Democrats to divert attention from his insurrectionist actions by calling Republicans “Nazis.”

“I believe Congressman Bowman when he says this was an accident,” the memo told Democrats to say when asked about the fire alarm stunt. “Republicans need to instead focus their energy on the Nazi members of their party before anything else.”

Huh. We’ve been told for years now that the Nazis were at the Capitol on January 6th, trying to start an insurrection.

Now we know it was just projection.

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