New Poll Shows 25% Of Americans Believe FBI Instigated January 6 Riot

President Biden sat down with a "diverse" group of scholars and historians earlier this week to discuss the upcoming anniversary of the January 6th riots.
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President Joe Biden sat down with a “diverse” group of scholars and historians earlier this week to discuss the upcoming anniversary of the January 6th riots.

How diverse? White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre mentioned it repeatedly at a press briefing Thursday.

“He’s (Biden) met with historians before ahead of an important national moment, which we’re about to see, certainly, as it relates to January 6th,” she told reporters.

“And he met with these historians — a diverse group of historians to hear … directly from them on their thoughts about our democracy here in this country and abroad,” she added.

Jean-Pierre peppered in the word “diverse” three more times for good measure.

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Over Half Of American Voters Either Think The FBI Was Involved In January 6th, Or Aren’t Sure

That diversity likely did not take into account those who do not believe the Capitol riot was on par with the Civil War.

As evidenced by one of those scholars, Sean Wilentz of Princeton, who told the Washington Post about his lunch with Biden and how January 6th reminded him of “what the secessionists were doing in 1860-61.”

Secessionists were Democrats.

“Go back and read what was going on in March 1861: They were worried about possibilities that pro-Confederates would enter the Capitol and actually disrupt the normal process of the succession of power,” Wilentz explained.

Nor does Biden’s meeting with historians take into account recent polling that shows that 25% of Americans believe FBI operatives organized and encouraged the January 6th attack on the Capitol.

Another 26% say there is enough doubt to make them “not sure” if the FBI participated in the events, while 48% believe that the idea that the FBI participated is either “probably” or “definitely” false.

Informants for the FBI were undoubtedly a part of the planning stages of the January 6th riot and others have made numerous claims to their activities that very day.

Steven Sund, the chief of the Capitol Police at the time of the January 6th riot, has suggested that the FBI had at least 18 undercover agents in the crowd along with an estimated 20 from the Department of Homeland Security.

Representative Clay Higgins (R-TX) has claimed that there may have been “over 200” undercover FBI agents posing as supporters of Donald Trump inside the Capitol before the riot on January 6th, 2021. Evidence of those numbers has yet to materialize.

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More Americans Concerned About Election Integrity

Perhaps more alarming to Democrats is another recent poll that shows an increasing number of American voters believe the 2020 election was stolen.

A new Suffolk University poll indicates that two-thirds (67%) of Trump supporters don’t believe Biden was legitimately elected president in 2020.

This all depends on how the question was worded. While former President Trump’s claims of voter fraud have not panned out, there is ample evidence that the media and intelligence communities worked overtime to carry Biden to the White House.

President Biden, according to reports, plans to channel his inner George Washington in a speech commemorating January 6th, a day Democrats put on par with the attack on Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and obviously, the Revolutionary War.

Which is ironic since his party is actively trying to cancel George Washington.

Daily Mail reported that Biden “will speak near Valley Forge, where 250 years ago, the then-General Washington organized the alliance of colonial militias during a bleak winter and ‘united’ them to fight for democracy against the British in the Revolutionary War.”

“Biden will use the birthplace of the American army to accuse Trump of attempting to ‘dismantle and destroy our democracy’ by provoking his supporters to riot when he did not win reelection in 2020,” the publication added.

The left tries to rewrite history perpetually. They do so when it comes to George Washington, and they certainly have done so when it comes to January 6th.

Thank goodness for those scholars and historians. Oh wait, here’s Princeton scholar Sean Wilentz once again, suggesting that if Trump wins the 2024 presidential elections, he’ll get rid of all the real historians.

“I don’t even want to think about what historians are going to be saying if Trump wins,” Wilentz said. “I just hope there are historians around.”

Weird. Biden is meeting with historians to make sure they’re all on the same page regarding January 6th, not Trump.

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