A new poll by the Trafalgar Group has given President Trump a two point lead in Michigan, a critical battleground state.

Two Point Lead For Trump In Michigan

The poll puts President Trump at 47%, former Vice President Biden at 45%, and Libertarian Party candidate Jo Jorgensen at 3%. This is a two point gain for the President since their last poll, and included 1048 respondents. The poll gave a margin of error of 2.98%, with a 95% confidence rating.

The importance of Michigan for the Trump campaign cannot be overstated.

The released poll follows comments from prominent Michigan Democratic Representative Debbie Dingell, who said she was very skeptical of polls that show Biden consistently ahead of Trump in Michigan.

Dingell was one of the first in 2016 to predict that President Trump had a chance of winning the state, and said Democrats must work hard to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“I think it’s a competitive race,” Dingell told reporters from Fox News. “I don’t believe the polls and I’m not going to stop working until Election Day.”

Dingell: Democrats Can’t Let Trump Make Law And Order A Key Issue

The recent riots in Democrat-controlled cities across the country could be a big factor for Trump’s bump in the polls.

Rep. Dingell argued that President Trump was making law and order a solid issue in the election, noting all the recent Black Lives Matter riots that have been launched across the country since the death of George Floyd in May and the recent shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin.

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“I have flagged this issue two months ago because I could see people trying to use it as a wedge issue and I think it’s very important that Democrats not let that happen,” Dingell continued. “Here’s a reality. We have Kenosha which is on fire because another Black man was shot in the back in front of his three children.”

Trump Also Close To Taking Minnesota

Further polls show President Trump is also in striking distance of taking Minnesota, only two points behind Biden in the state which hasn’t voted for a Republican candidate in a presidential election since Richard Nixon.

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Keep an eye on the polls folks – with all the riots and violence from the left, even more people may flip to President Trump in the Midwest. The presidential election isn’t even close to being decided yet!