ABC couldn’t have made a worse decision in canceling Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” last year. Not only was it a bad business move to cancel a show bringing in millions of viewers, it was a move that fans could only see as political.

After all, Allen is a conservative, plays one on his popular TV show, and yet the show was canceled despite stellar ratings? Something seemed fishy there, and it led many fans to boycott the network in response. (RELATED: ABC Facing Boycott After Cancelling ‘Last Man Standing’). The network denied that politics played a role in the abrupt cancellation that Allen was given no advance knowledge of.

Regardless, ABC had to shoot themselves in the foot in their attempt to squash a conservative voice, given that it required them to give up the ad revenue “Last Man Standing” brought in. That’s evidenced by the fact that FOX immediately moved to pick up and revive the show, knowing that the show would outperform, and even win over prior viewers from ABC in the process.

It was a bad move by ABC – and now even “Last Man Standing” is mocking them in their promos.

According to the Washington Times, “an extra bonus for those who protested ABC’s sudden cancellation in May 2016, however, came with a teaser released Tuesday.”

“Look at that. Look! It’s a fox,” actress Nancy Travis, who plays wife Vanessa Baxter, says during the promo.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. What is that?” Mr. Allen replies.

“Yeah, a fox,” Ms. Travis’ Vanessa Baxter responds multiple times.

“I know somebody’s gonna be happy you said that three times,” Mr. Allen then says with a grin.

Watch below:

Allen remains the last man standing, and the last man laughing.

The first episode of the show will premiere on September 28th. The episode will feature a pro-Second Amendment view of the gun issue, which you never see on network television. (RELATED: Tim Allen Takes Direct Aim at Liberals, Says Guns Will Be On the New ‘Last Man Standing’).

Do You Think 'Last Man Standing' Was Canceled Over Politics?

I know I will be eagerly tuning in to watch “Last Man Standing” when it aires this fall, and I bet the executives at ABC are shaking their heads every day at their huge mistake.

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