NBC Analyst Claims Trump Sending ‘Subliminal’ Messages to Racist ‘Foot Soldiers’

In the wake of the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings, MSNBC national security analyst Malcolm Nance appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews Tuesday to claim that when white supremacist “foot soldiers” hear President Donald Trump speak, those words become “subliminal orders in their head.”

“I think that we’re finally in for a great societal change where we’re finally addressing this issue,” Nance said to Matthews. “I wrote a book last year called The Plot to Destroy Democracy, and one of the chapters, I led off with the massacre of 68 children in Norway by the original white supremacist terrorist who created the concept of this terrorist manifesto — Anders Behring Breivik.”

“He did that because he thought ‘The Great Replacement’ was underway in Norway and that the government was allowing unbridled immigration into that country,” Nance explained.

‘Subliminal Orders In Their Head’

Comparing’s Norway’s examples to white supremacists in the U.S., as the El Paso shooter appears to be, Nance continued (emphasis added), “These people feel that they are the foot soldiers and executors of what the disenfranchisement that the white race is feeling, and Donald Trump is giving them subliminal orders in their head. They are no different than the mobilized, self-starting, self-radicalized terrorists of ISIS here in the United States and Europe, who take cars and drive down streets. It’s just that they have a permissive environment in which they can get firearms and go out and attack their perceived enemies.”


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This is the SECOND Anti-Trump Conspiracy Theory Peddled This Week

This ridiculous charge against the president by Nance comes just one day after NBC News national security contributor Frank Figliuzzi said the president was sending a message to white supremacists by flying American flags at half staff to honor the shooting victims until August 8.

“The president said that we will fly our flags at half-mast until August 8th. That’s 8/8,” Figliuzzi said. “Now, I’m not going to imply that he did this deliberately but I am using it as an example of the ignorance of the adversary that’s being demonstrated by the White House.”

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That’s when he really got deep into his conspiracy theory.

“The numbers 88 are very significant in neo-Nazi and white supremacist movement,” Figliuzzi added. “Why? Because the letter H is the eighth letter of the alphabet and to them, the numbers 88 together stand for ‘Heil Hitler.’ So we’re going to be raising the flag back up at dusk on 8/8.”

These are grown adults peddling this kind of baseless conspiracy garbage. These are people cable outlets put on television intentionally because they apparently believe we should be listening to them.

Do they ever wonder why so many consider them fake news?

John Hanson

is a professional writer and editor with over 15 years of experience in conservative media and Republican politics. He has been a special guest on Fox News, Sirius XM, appeared as the guest of various popular personalities, and has had a lifelong interest in right-leaning politics.

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  • Just retired after 18 years OTR. Got fed up with not getting home when I was scheduled by dispatch. You know the drill, always just one more run to get you home, then you have to deadhead 300 miles, on your time, to get home. Stay safe out there, brother.

  • These people on the left must be using some really hardcore drugs! I've never heard of such nonsense in my life! It's one leftist conspiracy theory after the other! There's no "messages". If anyone is practicing Hitler's techniques it's the left---silencing our speech, banning people from social media because they don't like their views, threatening people outside. THEY are the Nazi's on the left with their socialist point of view, not us! They need to grow up and stop this kind of talk.

  • Ampkg you are so right with your comment. I live in South Africa where the Communist ANC governs. Since independence they did nothing to better the standard of living for the blacks. Yet when election time comes they promise the same lies and the black population vote ANC again. South Africa is burning and the West turns a blind eye. The world is so sick. I fear for my children.

  • HAHAHA Works for me... Long time ago I drove 45's up and down the east coast out of port newark for lyllie tulip... I'm totally color blind...

  • I guess that makes me a little odd. I am probably the blackest "white supremacist" you've ever seen or heard of. Damnit boy (highest praise of a trucker).

  • The President did say we had to watch out for people with mental illness and this story is full of them

  • keep it up Ol'man.. we need good guy and gal in this ole USA... I'm a Trumpster and am darn proud of it...

  • Amen, I'm a believer!! And not honoring God and country is running rampant in Congress and all Democrats minds.. Seems they have lost all contact with reality..

  • Flying the flag at half mast is honoring the dead. This has been did for years when a disaster happens and such as happened in Ohio and Texas..

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