NBA Legend Does Something Amazing For Local Kids After Being Inspired By THIS!


Earlier this month, a police officer in Gainesville, Florida responded to a noise complaint in a local neighborhood. Upon arriving, Officer Bobby White noticed nothing more than a bunch of neighborhood kids playing basketball. So he joined in, and the video quickly went viral …

Well, an NBA legend got wind of the officer’s efforts with the neighborhood kids, and decided to show up himself.

Via The Blaze:

Turns out one of the viewers was NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal — and he wanted to meet White and help further his cause.

But the first order of business was surprising White, which the retired star did easily after showing up — all 7-feet, 1-inches of him — at the department Saturday. “You’re much taller than you look on TV,” one officer was heard saying amid the starstruck rows of cops.

But the real surprise was waiting at the neighborhood where White played basketball with those kids.

This time a big group of officers went along for the trip, too, and while White waxed on to the kids that he returned with some “backup” — out popped Shaq’s massive figure from his SUV, strutting toward the shocked youngsters.

Check out the local news report …

After the game, Shaq handed out $100 bills to the kids if they made free throws, something the NBA star was notorious for struggling with throughout his career.

“Stay out of trouble, listen to your parents, respect your elders,” Shaq told the kids, “and you can be anything you want to be.”

He then told the kids to repeat after him:  “I will … become … whatever I want to be. I will be a leader … and not a follower.”

Watch the YouTube video of Shaq’s visit below …

Comment: What did you think of Shaq coming to teach the neighborhood kids a lesson on basketball, and more importantly, life? What about the police officer? Share your thoughts below.

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