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Nativity Scene Turned Into Pornographic Display

Joshua Gill on December 18, 2017

Vandals turned a nativity scene in Spain into a pornographic display depicting sex between animals and Mary performing a sexual act on Joseph while standing over baby Jesus in his manger.

The vandals tore the nativity figures from their affixed places and put one farm animal atop another to appear as though one was mounting the other and also bent the Mary figure over the manger so that her face rested on Joseph’s crotch, according to The Local. The community of Boadila del Monte in northern Madrid was outraged at the scene and asked local police to investigate and try to identify the culprits via security camera footage, according to Radio Madrid.

“It constitutes a clear lack of respect for the religious beliefs and traditions of much of the population of the municipality,” a spokesperson for the local conservative Popular Party told Radio Madrid.

“In addition to the vandalism, it is a clearly intentional offensive attack against religious freedom,” the spokesperson said. “We demand respect for the freedom of belief as an essential pillar of our coexistence and of our democratic system protected by our constitution.”

The nativity scene was repaired and returned to order as soon as the act of vandalism was discovered, the own council said.

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