Robert Mueller Threatens Lawsuit to Interview President Trump

Mueller subpoena Trump

The case for firing Robert Mueller as head of the special counsel is growing. Admittedly, I’d initially thought firing Mueller would be a horrible idea, simply because of the optics of it all.

While we all know that Trump would fire Mueller because of his witch-hunt of an investigation, liberals would immediately claim that the firing was an admission of guilt on Trump’s part, or was because Trump was “scared” of what the counsel may uncover (which would make no sense, given the nothing they’ve uncovered so far).

But above all, it would allow the next special counsel head to claim that there was some sort of attempt at obstruction of justice (even though there wasn’t). That’s also why Trump shouldn’t sit down with Mueller.

Remember, not a single person in Mueller’s special counsel has been indicted on charges relating to collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. The indictments have all been for lying to the FBI, or other charges.

And while this wasn’t part of the special counsel investigation, in the case of the indictment of Michael Flynn, it wasn’t his conversations with Russians that got him in trouble, it was him incorrectly remembering the exact contents of those conversations a month later. If Trump sits down with Mueller for an interview, he risks incriminating himself (even of a crime created out of thin air).

Which is probably why Mueller wants to interview Trump so badly.

According to the Huffington Post:

Mueller warned President Donald Trump’s lawyers that he had the power to issue a subpoena if the White House refused a request for a sit-down interview with the president, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.The Post, citing four people familiar with the conversation, said the encounter quickly turned tense after the lawyers said Trump had no legal obligation to meet with the special counsel. Mueller then suggested he could issue a subpoena that would compel the president to appear before a grand jury.

“This isn’t some game,” John Dowd, Trump’s former lead attorney, replied. “You are screwing with the work of the president of the United States.”
Dowd later confirmed the encounter and his comments to Reuters.

Trump has said that he’s willing to sit down with Mueller – if Mueller then ends his witch hunt. Mueller has been seeking an interview for months. On Monday, the New York Times published a list of questions that Mueller hopes to ask Trump.

The special counsel has gone on long enough and has yet to turn up any information linking the Trump campaign to Russia at all. It’s time for Mueller to close up shop and admit defeat.

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