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Report: Mueller To Start Investigating Trump Administration Soon

Pierre Thomas of ABC News is reporting that Special Counselor Robert Mueller is on the verge of investigating the Trump administration.

If you are not up on current events, Mueller is hiring a team of Democratic donors to round out his investigative team which has former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich worried and sounding the bells of woe.

Mueller was hired by the Deputy Attorney General after Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself of anything having to deal with Russia. Democrats wanted a special counsel and it seems that Republicans gave in.

It seems all of this started when former FBI Director James Comey admittedly leaked information to a friend who was a professor with the directions of giving it to the media in hopes it would create a special counsel to investigate President Trump.

During testimony, Comey told the Senate Judiciary Committee that President Trump was NOT under investigation and there is no Russian collusion, a “fake news” story based on a NY Times article. With that tidbit of information given to the committee, a lot of Trump supporters want to know why the special counsel is still working. What’s the real purpose?

Source: NTK Network

“My sources are telling me that [Mueller] has begun some preliminary planning, plans to talk to some people in the administration, but he has not yet made that momentous decision to go for a full-scale investigation,” Thomas reported.

Thomas also reported that Mueller is planning on hiring more attorneys to join his team, which consists of 13 attorneys at the moment.

The media is falling all over itself right now and having a field day because they feel they finally have President Trump where they want him. There has been a concerted effort to destroy Trump’s time in office and make him ineffective and weak.

They want to damage him in front of the American people and try to install the political establishment back to power after voters destroyed them back in November.

What do you think about this investigation? Where will it go? Should it be shut down? Should Mueller be fired? Share your opinions below in the comment section and add this article to your Facebook/Twitter timeline.