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Meet the Democrat Donors and Clinton Cronies Hired by Robert Mueller

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is staffing up in his Trump-Russia investigation and already has 5 confirmed hires.

But there’s a HUGE problem: The special counsel has stacked his team with liberal Democrats, many with ties to the Clintons.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich sounded the alarm on Twitter.

I checked the online FEC data (which only goes back to 1997) and here’s what I found on each of Mueller’s legal team members.

James Quarles

Of note: Worked on Watergate prosecution, worked with Mueller at WilmerHale.

FEC Filings: $34,400 total to all candidates, $31,650 of that to Democrats (he gave to Republicans Jason Chaffetz $2,500 and George Allen $250), so 92% of his giving was to Democrats.

Clinton Connections: $2,700 to Hillary’s 2016 campaign.

Jeannie Rhee

Of note: Clinton lawyer, worked with Mueller at WilmerHale.

FEC Filings: $13,950 to Democrats (including DNC, Mark Udall, Sheldon Whitehouse, Chris Van Hollen, Obama and Hillary campaigns.)

Clinton Connections: $5,400 to Hillary’s 2016 campaign.

AND she’s a former Hillary Clinton and Clinton Foundation lawyer! “She has already received attention for representing the Clinton Foundation in a racketeering lawsuit brought by a conservative advocacy group, and also represented Clinton herself in a lawsuit seeking access to her private emails,” according to CNN.

Andrew Weissmann

Of note: Led Enron Taskforce, questionable hiring by Obama’s Justice Department.

FEC Filings: $4,300 to Democrats (DNC and Obama.)

Clinton Connections: None found.

Aaron Zebley

Of note: Former Chief of Staff to Mueller in FBI, worked with Mueller at WilmerHale.

FEC Filings: None

Clinton Connections: CNN reports, “Zebley once represented former Hillary Clinton aide Justin Cooper, who helped manager her private email server.”

Michael R. Dreeben

Of note: Current Deputy Solicitor General.

FEC Filings: There has been some confusion because a Michael W. Dreeben identified himself as Deputy Solicitor in the Justice Department, but the real Deputy Solicitor General is Michael R. Dreeben and he denies contributing to Hillary.

Clinton Connections: None found.

In total, Mueller’s team has made $52,650 in political donations since 1997, 95% of which ($49,900) went to Democrats.

Does this seem like an impartial group to investigate President Trump?

What do you think: Will Mueller’s special investigation into any Trump-Russia ties be fair? Tell us in the comments below!