MSNBC’s Joy Reid Says Lauren Boebert ‘Cosplaying Terroristic Behavior’

On Wednesday, MSNBC anchor Joy Reid said that Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert was “cosplaying terroristic behavior” by tweeting a photo of herself and her kids holding guns in front of a Christmas tree.

For those who may not be up on the hip lingo, “cosplaying” is a portmanteau of costume and play. Typically it’s referring to people who dress up as their favorite fictional or historical characters.

Reid made her comments on her MSNBC show “The ReidOut.”

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Reid: ‘I grew up around people with guns. People don’t do that. It’s a weird cosplay of violence’

Reid, in a segment with the Lincoln Project’s founder Steve Schmidt, said, “Steve, Lauren Boebert is not dissuaded by the criticism. She’s encouraged by it. She’s trying to compete with Congressman Massie tweeting out a picture of her little children holding firearms, which someone should call Child Protective Services.”

“I know a lot of people who have guns,” Reid said. “I grew up around people with guns. People don’t do that. It’s a weird cosplay of violence.”

Reid continued, “It is literally saying do you think I’m violent?”

“She’s calling Congresswoman Omar a terrorist, but she is the one cosplaying terroristic behavior,” Reid said. “I don’t understand it?”

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Schmidt agreed with Reid, saying, “She is certifiable, period. She has no business, other than being elected, serving in the House of Representatives by any standard of dignity.”

Reid added, “You’re dangerous, Lauren Boebert. You are dangerous. People are rightly afraid of you.”

“You don’t need to be in Congress,” Reid concluded. “I’m so embarrassed you are representing Colorado, my former living, growing up state.”

It’s interesting that Reid invited Schmidt on as a guest. Just a few months ago, the Lincoln Project perpetrated a hoax in which they pretended to be white supremacists with tiki torches in support of now-Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin.


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