MSNBC’s Joy Reid Claims That ‘Church, Family, Police, Military’ Panders To ‘1950s-Era Nationalism’

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MSNBC’s Joy Reid is a real piece of work.

When she’s isn’t screaming President Trump is a lowdown dirty racist, she’s hollering that Trump is a no-good disgusting racist.

In fact, virtually everything that comes out of Reid’s mouth is some kind of jumbled audible expression that contains two constants: “Trump” and “racist.” There’s usually a verb in there as well, the most prominent one being “is.”

Reid’s fanatical obsession with calling Trump racist is probably why MSNBC sees fit to put her on the television for several hours a day, so she constantly bolster the priors of her viewers, who, without proof or evidence, think Trump is an inveterate racist.

Now, Reid is claiming that Trump’s racist rhetoric has reached a new level of subtle persuasion. She says that Trump’s pro-military, pro-police, pro-church language is some kind of dog whistle for “1950s-era nationalism.”

What the hell does this even mean? Look:

Here’s the perfect reaction to Reid’s thoughtless tweet:

Seriously, what does any of that mean? President Trump says standing for the flag is an act of respect toward military veterans and active-duty soldiers. The President values religious freedom and the role church plays in people’s lives. He says that we should, at the very least, respect the police enough by acknowledging they put their lives on the line to uphold public safety.

And yet, this is all 1950s nationalism somehow. The insinuation, of course, is that the 1950s, before the Civil Rights Act was passed and before protesters marched to Montgomery, was a more racist time in America. And Trump harkens back to a more racist time by saying positive things about religion and the military.

What a disgusting thing to imply. Reid should be ashamed.

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