Tucker Carlson Wiped The Floor With Joy Reid After She Tried To Race Bait Him

Nick Givas on January 22, 2018

Tucker Carlson responded to accusations of having a “blatantly white nationalist view” on immigration from MSNBC host Joy Reid Monday, and said the liberal host’s career has been built “on race baiting,” on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“Joy Reid is accusing us of racism. Let’s pause for a moment and savor the irony of that. Reid’s entire public career has been built on race baiting,” Tucker said. “Try to watch her show for 20 minutes and see for yourself. This is the woman who urged the Democratic party to give up on white voters who voted for Obama and then Trump, saying their votes weren’t worth fighting for.”

Tucker also reminded viewers of Reid’s aggressive racial attacks against White House chief of staff John Kelly, and her off-the-wall comment about Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana, after he was shot by liberal Bernie Sanders’ supporter John Hodgkinson.

“In October she suggested that White House chief of staff John Kelly was somehow a bigot because he grew up around Irish Catholics,” Tucker said. “After House majority whip Steve Scalise was shot and nearly killed by a progressive activist last summer, Reid openly wondered if we should hope for his recovery.”

Tucker said Reid’s comments are a strategic tactic used to blow up any form of dialogue, because she can’t win a debate on the merits.

“When Joy Reid accuses you of harboring racist thoughts, trust me, It’s projection. But it’s also a political tactic. Reid can’t explain why this country is so badly needs to import millions of additional poor people. Nobody on the left can explain that because there’s no real answer,” Tucker said. He added:

So they attempt to short-circuit the conversation with slurs. That’s a shame. Immigration matters. It determines who lives in this country, who chooses our government, who shapes our future. It’s hard to think of a public-policy topic more central to everything. We tried our best to discuss immigration reasonably and with civility. Most of the time we succeed, not all, but we try.

Tucker believes a majority of Americans support stricter immigration and a tougher vetting process, especially among the black community.

“A huge number of Americans agree with what we just said. If you don’t believe it, look up the views of African-American voters on illegal immigration. They are not what Joy Reid, to put it mildly,” Tucker concluded. “They know what the cost has been. Those who disagree with any of us are always welcome here.”

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