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MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Says Trump ‘Endangering Troops’ Because He Doesn’t Wear A Mask

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell said that Donald Trump was “endangering the troops” when the President appeared at two Memorial Day events on Monday.

Mitchell Lavishes Praise on Joe and Jill Biden Before Only Being Critical of  Donald Trump

Mitchell began her rant by praising Joe and Jill Biden’s use of masks during their Memorial Day activities.

“Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden emerged for the first time from their home since March 15th, I believe. And it showed they were both wearing masks. They went to a war memorial in New Castle, Delaware,” Mitchell said. “This is also almost the fifth anniversary of their son, a veteran, Beau Biden’s death. So these are really touching — a touching war memorial visit.”

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Mitchell said of the former vice president, “the first time that he is coming out of his home, and I guess testing whether there were other safe ways that he can emerge, given his age, given the restrictions, and the fact that he is modeling what the government is saying to model, in contrast to the president, who’s going against his own government.”

Jennifer Palmieri, the former White House communications director for Barack Obama, then chimed in about what Memorial Day could have looked like if Joe Biden or Barack Obama were in the White House instead of Trump.

Mitchell: Trump is ‘endangering the troops’

That’s when Mitchell jumped in to say the President had endangered U.S. troops.

“Clearly, (Biden’s) numbers have gone up as he’s been campaigning from home, virtually, and the president,” Mitchell said. Then she said that mask-less Trump  “arguably, is endangering the troops, the people who have to travel with him, as well as the people that he meets along the way, and he has not been socially distancing or wearing a mask when he’s around them, so, obviously time will tell.”

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Typical MSNBC

Two questions:

A. How is Trump endangering troops or anyone else if he doesn’t have coronavirus?

B. Why is Biden wearing a mask at a war memorial? There was no one there but him and his wife.

But rest assured, these points were never addressed. Of course they weren’t.

Because MSNBC exists as a platform to bash Donald Trump, not to actually analyze or report news.