Mother of Hunter Biden’s Child Files Contempt Motion: He ‘Willfully’ Defied Court Order To Provide Documents

The lawyers for the mother of Hunter Biden’s child have filed a motion seeking to have the former vice president’s son held in contempt of court for repeatedly refusing to turn over his 2017 and 2018 personal tax returns in his ongoing paternity and child support case.

The legal team for the mother, 28-year-old former stripper Lunden Alexis Roberts, filed the contempt motion in an Arkansas court on Friday.

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Lunden’s Lawyers: Hunter is in Contempt of Court

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports that in addition to failing to file his tax returns, Biden has failed to disclose, “All financial institutions used by him or a business he owns or controls;” “a list of all companies he currently owns or in which he has an ownership interest and the state in which those companies are incorporated;” “a list of all sources of income for the past five years;” “a list of all employers for the past five years;” tax documents for companies he owns and “a copy of deeds to properties that he owns or in which he has an ownership interest.”

“[T]he defendant continues to act as though he has no respect for this Court, its orders, the legal process in this state, or the needs of his child for support,” declared he motion, adding, “This Court should take some action that will make the defendant follow court orders and a believer in the rule of law.”

Hunter’s conduct is ‘willful and contemptuous’

Roberts lawyers argued that Hunter’s conduct is “willful and contemptuous,” urging the court to order him to appear at a March 13 pretrial hearing.

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Hunter is expected to appear for a deposition on Wednesday in Little Rock despite his attorney insisting his client would be unavailable until the beginning of April. The judge has demanded Hunter appear for a deposition before the hearing on March 13.

‘Hunter Biden continues to defy the court’

“After months of hiding, one has to wonder if the reason Hunter Biden continues to defy the court is because there are financial documents could shed light on his father’s massive conflicts of interest as vice president,” Steve Guest, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee, said Sunday on Fox News on Sunday.

In January, and despite Biden’s denials, the Arkansas judge hearing the paternity and child support case cited a DNA test that ruled that Hunter is the “biological and legal father” of Roberts’ child.

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