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Video Imitates a Debate Between Milton Friedman And Bernie Sanders

It’s a shame that the great economic thinker Milton Friedman isn’t alive today, because, if he was, he would’ve skewered socialist Senator Bernie Sanders during his 2016 campaign.

As you all remember, Sanders was essentially the Santa Claus candidate. Free healthcare, free education, free daycare – and much, much more! It “only” would’ve required $18 trillion in new spending to fund all of Sanders’s freebies for their first decade, and that doesn’t include the other costs of Bernie’s policies (such as the millions of jobs that would be lost had his $15 minimum wage been made law of the land).

Much of the economic arguments that Sanders made about the nature of capitalism and socialism had been refuted by Friedman decades ago – but apparently Sanders never got the memo. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Friedman can’t disprove the man from beyond the grade.

Watch below:

Capitalism Vs. Socialism

Poverty and the Minimum Wage

Government Jobs

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