Middle School Students Revolt Against ‘Pride Spirit Day’, Tear Down Decorations and Chant ‘My Pronouns Are USA!’

Students at a middle school in Massachusetts protested against the school's 'Pride Spirit Day' by tearing down decorations and chanting "My pronouns are USA!"
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Students at a middle school in Massachusetts protested against the school’s ‘Pride Spirit Day’ by tearing down decorations and chanting “My pronouns are USA!”

Kids from the Marshall Simonds Middle School’s LGBTQ+ student group organized the pride day event last month and distributed rainbow stickers, posted ‘Pride’ signs, and encouraged students to wear rainbow clothing.

But a counterprotest from students who were tired of an ideology they disagree with being forced upon them had been planned.

“In a letter to families, Principal Cari Perchase said that Pride posters were torn down, stickers were ripped up and some students chanted, ‘USA are my pronouns,'” WCVB-5 reported.

Some students, according to the report, were “shamed into removing” their pride stickers or into “covering their clothing with rainbows.”

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Taking a Stand

Now, we obviously don’t condone the vandalism or the intimidation of fellow classmates, but it’s nice to see students who don’t support the LGBT mob mentality finally take a stand.

Because you know damn well if some student wanted to start a straight pride club and had heterosexual posters hung up that same LGBT mob would have torn down those materials, chanted their own pronouns, and pressured them into accepting ‘Pride Spirit Day’ instead.

And that would have been tolerated by the school.

“The issue of Pride at schools is very controversial, I understand that,” parent Carl Foss told WCVB-5. “I think we need to start at a place of commonality.”

Commonality? Please. Maybe start showing some tolerance for those who don’t want to deal with this garbage during the school day. That would be a place of commonality.

“These displays of intolerance and homophobia are unacceptable and impact the whole community,” Burlington Equity Coalition Co-Chair, Nancy Bonassera, said at a town hall meeting, apparently unaware that she was being intolerant and heterophobic.

The fact that the students took a stand against that kind of intolerant person makes one feel … well … pride.

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My Pronouns Are USA

If you keep grooming children to believe it’s normal to talk about sexual orientation and gender identity when they’re supposed to be learning math and writing, eventually they’re going to get fed up.

And Massachusetts schools seem to be boiling over.

Liam Morrison, a 12-year-old boy attending John T. Nichols Jr. Middle School in the Commonwealth, threw school officials there into a tizzy when he went after biology deniers.

Morrison called out his school board for allegedly sending him home after he wore a t-shirt stating, “There are only two genders.”

At least somebody in these schools is paying attention in Science, Biology, or Health class.

Meanwhile, Bishop Robert McManus of the Diocese of Worcester in Massachusetts last year issued a decree revoking the Catholic title of the Nativity School over their refusal to remove pro-LGBT flags.

Governor Maura Healey (D-MA) said of the middle school pride day revolt she “hope(s) it becomes a teaching moment for the young people who were involved in that.”

The teaching moment is that we need more kids to stand up for what they truly believe in instead of bowing down to the mob.

Heroes, all of them.

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