In between Mueller indictments and NYC terror attacks, I had no idea that former President Barack Obama was throwing a leadership summit this week at his eponymous propaganda charity, The Obama Foundation.

Obama described the event as bringing together hundreds of young leaders from all over the world to learn from one another and, presumably, lay the groundwork for eventually tossing President Trump out of office.

The Obama Summit is a star-studded affair, with many motivational speakers like Prince Harry:

And, of course, Obama couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put his better half on stage to do what she does best: Lecture America on all of its failings while completely ignoring her own.

Michelle Obama began her speech by talking about teaching young girls to speak truth to power, especially when it comes to unwanted sexual advances. A noble message indeed:

There’s just one problem: Isn’t Michelle Obama pals with noted rapist Harvey Weinstein? And didn’t one of the Obama daughters actually intern at The Weinstein Company?

That doesn’t sound like women empowerment to me.

Michelle also used her platform to mock men, ridiculing them for not talking to each other enough and sorting our their emotional issues.

What a bunch of condescending garbage.

Here’s my advice for Michelle Obama: You need to get together with your husband to talk about the damage his presidency inflicted upon this country. You think men have messy inner lives? What about the frayed race relations your husband left behind as his legacy? What about the lost and broken Democrat Party Obama neglected and left for dead?

Since you’re finally out of the White House, it’s time to mind your own business, Michelle. Men don’t need a lecture from someone who says they’re good friends with a pervert who abuses women.

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