Michelle Malkin Destroys Leftist on Immigration Executive Action



Author and internet entrepreneur Michelle Malkin had tough words and basic facts on immigration reform that neutralized everything Mark Hannah of The New School had to say on immigration reform.

On The Kelly File, Malkin accused Hannah of using common core math in his statistics as the two discussed a federal appeals court panel refusing to lift a hold on President Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration.



“I hate it when open borders advocates and activists get away with this inflammatory language, that somehow those of us who believe in the rule of law wanna throw every last illegal alien into some cattle car. This is the most generous country in the world, sir. We issue one million green cards every single year; seventy thousand permits to people who apply for asylum; 500,000 student visa foreign student visas; 700,000 work permits for both skilled and unskilled labor.

This is the most generous country in the world and I’m sick and tired of hearing Obama and all of his acolytes, including you, raise this specter that somehow we’ve built all of these wire fences and nobody is getting in and what a terrible humanitarian tragedy it is. In fact, the Fifth Circuit Court came down on the side of the public interest and said it is not in the interest for these kind of top-down fiats to be imposed on 26 states that have objected to the costs and consequences of unfettered open borders.”


Do you believe President Obama’s Immigration Executive Action will survive this latest blow from the court? Please comment below.

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