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SICK: Radical Leftists Stormed A Memorial Orlando Victims And Did THIS

orlando shooting
This crazy story comes out of University of Missouri, which is practically the birthplace of the insane campus Black Lives Matter movement. As you may recall, last year, Mizzou got turned upside down by racial protests with the football team going on strike until the president stepped down, fake claims of racism, and professors shutting down freedom of the press. The BLM students are so outrageously self-centered and out-of-control that they complained when news about the Paris terrorist attack took the attention off them.

And now race activists are at it again, turning, of all things, the terrorist attack on an Orlando gay nightclub into a condemnation of white people. At a vigil for the victims, one girl began, “I was really nervous to get up here because there’s a lot of white people in the crowd…I thought I’d take a moment to just like list out some facts that many of you probably don’t know ’cause you’re white,” and it only got worse from there.

At the event outside the Boone County Courthouse in Columbia, Mizzou graduate and activist Tiffany Melecio chastised the crowd for putting the interests of the LGBTQ community above those of “people of color.”

“I wish this many people came out to our racial demonstrations and our Black Lives Matter movement,” Melecio told the crowd, which The Columbia Missourian estimated at more than 800. …

Melecio implied that among white people, support for the Latino community was not as strong as it was for the LGBTQ community.

“As much as it is awesome that there’s so many people here today, but it’s, like, who are you really here for?” said Melecio.

That comment prompted strong reactions from those in the audience. “We’re here for everybody,” said an unidentified woman.

“We are here to be uniting, not dividing, which is what you are doing now,” Carl Brizendine yelled as the crowd murmured disagreement.

H/T The College Fix

Watch the video of her remarks and the crowd’s reaction.

You know you’re doing something wrong when you get booed at a candlelight vigil. Get over yourself, honey, this is NOT about you!

What do you think – was this young woman’s outburst disrespectful? Join the discussion below!