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How Some Mizzou Student Protesters Reacted To The Paris Terrorist Attack Will Make You SICK!


Most of the world responded with horror and anger when they found out about the terrible terrorist attack that claimed more than 120 lives, but if you’re a demented, selfish, self-centered protester at the University of Missouri, well… you respond a little differently.


Yes, shockingly, these poor deluded souls were actually angry that the terrorist attack was taking the spotlight away from their whiny temper tantrum about imagined racial incidents.

Here are some more – they all deleted their tweets, but the internet is forever!!

DJ-Misses-deleted-missou-tweet Jordan-JKleimz-deleted-tweet- masturbad-mizzou-deleted- sleazemontana-tweet rhea-bans-mizzou-tweet1 curvyy-and-curlyy  darlene-deona-1-

If you want to restore your faith in humanity however, most people that read these reactions were shocked at the abject amorality of the Mizzou protest supporters.

What do you think? Is this a reasonable response to the terrorist attack? Let us know in the comments!!