Melania Trump Introduces Lawn Bowling to White House Easter Egg Roll

melania lawn bowling

And now for something completely free of rage and idiocy.

Today is the 2018 White House Easter Egg roll, an event where children are invited to come roll Easter eggs on the lawn of the White House. The Egg Roll is a tradition started by President Hayes in 1878.

President Trump kicked off this year’s festivities this morning, praising First Lady Melania Trump on all of her hard work putting the event together:

You can see why Melania was given a lot of credit for her, pardon the pun, role in the egg roll. She introduced a fun new game for all the children participants to play! Via ABC News:

The 140th White House Easter Egg Roll is being hosted by first lady Melania Trump and President Donald J. Trump on Monday, with 30,000 guests expected. The first lady announced a new addition to the festivities this year: lawn bowling.

The event, which involves children rolling hard-boiled eggs across the South Lawn, is the biggest social event every year for the president’s family. The White House announced last week that lawn bowling was the first lady’s addition.

This looks like so much fun!

What a great, family-friendly time for everyone at the White House.

Donald Trump Jr. also posted some great pictures of President Trump’s grandchildren enjoying the Easter fun:

You can watch all of the White House Easter Egg Roll footage below:

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