Megyn Kelly REVEALS Shocking New Evidence in Freddie Gray Death


The Political Insider previously discussed a bombshell report that put a major dent in Marilyn Mosby’s attempt to prosecute Baltimore police officers in the death of Freddie Gray.

The evidence, first reported by the Washington Post, indicated that a fellow prisoner riding along in the same police van as Gray believed that he “was intentionally trying to injure himself.”

It wasn’t long until that prisoner walked back his story. Perhaps he was given a stern talking-to by prosecutors.

Unfortunately for the witness and Mosby, new evidence reveals the truth – the fellow prisoner’s original account stands, as there is video proof of his statements.

via The Blaze:

The Washington Post previously reported that Allen told investigators he believed Gray was “intentionally trying to injure himself” while being transported in the police van. Allen later said he “never talked to no investigators” and described that report to CNN as “very, very, very untrue.” Allen instead said he only heard a “little banging” and blasted the media for spreading misinformation.

Fox News reported Monday night that the emergence of new evidence may suggest otherwise.

Tonight we learn that The Washington Post was right,” host Megyn Kelly said. “A source close to the case telling us there is actual videotape of Donta Allen telling police that Freddie Gray was repeatedly banging his head against the van, that he sounded like a madman and that the was asking himself why cops would put him in the van with a crazy person.”



Watch Megyn Kelly reveal the game-changing news …

Baltimore burned during the riots. And it continues to smolder since police are unable to proactively defend the city because they could be charged with excessive force.

Truth still matters — as we are learning that a notorious drug dealer injured himself — even if it needs to be extracted from a lying witness and a lying prosecutor.

What do you think of this new bombshell evidence which seems to corroborate a story that Gray injured himself?

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