MD State Attorney Marilyn Mosby SHOCKS City; Schedules Fundraiser Days After Prosecuting Gray Case

The Baltimore Sun reported that MD State Attorney Marilyn Mosby plans to have a fundraiser on Sept. 16,  just days after the pre-trial hearings in her case against the police officers charged with Freddie Gray’s death.

Everyone knows the ramifications of this trial and the public outrage it could spark, especially in Baltimore. Some believe that it is not the appropriate time for such an event.

“Certainly in the midst of so much attention and the nervousness of the city during this period of time, it probably could have been saved for another time,” said defense attorney Warren A. Brown.

However, Colleen Martin-Lauer handles the fundraising for Mosby and said this campaign is like any other done throughout the election cycle.

“Fundraisers are part of the political process for the state’s attorney and other city and state officials,” she said. “We needed to raise money. We do elect state’s attorneys.”

According to the Baltimore Sun:

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby has a campaign fundraiser with tickets ranging from $250 to $1,000 scheduled for Sept. 16 — just days after key pretrial hearings in her case against the police officers charged in Freddie Gray‘s arrest and death.

The fundraiser’s timing has sparked criticism, coming as it does after a judge is asked to rule on major issues such as whether the closely watched case should be tried outside the city, or even dismissed. Circuit Judge Barry Glenn Williams will hear motions Wednesday and on Sept. 10, and city officials have been preparing for any protests or unrest that could erupt over his rulings.

As we previously reported, Mosby announced in May that six Baltimore police officers were facing charges in Gray’s death. One officer was charged with murder and five others with lesser crimes after Gray was arrested and suffered a spinal cord injury which led to a coma.

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H/T: Baltimore Sun

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