State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s Latest Obstruction Proves She Has No Love For Baltimore

Marilyn Mosby has shown herself to be totally unfit, unqualified, untrustworthy, incompetent, biased, above the law, and have ZERO integrity. How she EVER became the State’s Attorney for Baltimore – AND at such a young age – is beyond belief. She should resign, but she won’t.

Someone in Maryland needs to have her removed and disbarred.

A commission established to review homicides in Baltimore has stalled because its leaders say the city’s top prosecutor – none other than Ms. Marilyn Mosby – is choosing not to share the information needed for the program to work.

The Homicide Review Commission was created last year with the sole purpose of bringing together elected officials, police leaders, academics, public health officials and others to identify trends that lead to slayings and how best to respond. Baltimore City spent nearly $200,000 to get this program up and running.

Daniel Webster, Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, is leading the project.  He tells The Baltimore Sun that Mosby’s refusal to provide information related to ongoing cases “took the air out of the whole process.” Mosby tells The Sun that providing information could compromise investigations or jeopardize the safety of victims.


While the people of Baltimore are at it, they should remove/rid themselves of the Mayor as well given she has clearly demonstrated the same very disturbing qualities as Ms. Mosby.

I thought Mosby wanted transparency? Maybe her definition of transparency is different. People are dying in Baltimore and yet Mosby is hindering the justice process. She is more concerned with scapegoating six police officers for political gain than reducing crime and delivering justice.

What a sorry mess those two, and others before them, have made of such a beautiful city.

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H/T – Baltimore Sun, Washington Post

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