MD Governor and Baltimore Mayor Had Enough of CNN’s Don Lemon’s Disrespect


In an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon late Monday night, Gov. Larry Hogan said he’s “taking over the situation” in riot-torn Baltimore as Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake stood quietly by his side.

Lemon overtalked the Governor on several occasions after pressing the him for answers.

“I’m moving the governor’s office to Baltimore City first thing in the morning,” he brusquely told Lemon in front of City Hall. He said he had just toured the city’s Emergency Operations Center on Calvert Street.

“We’re bringing our entire cabinet. We’re bringing all the assets we can. We will get this under control. The city will be safe, and Marylanders will be proud of the effort once we get this cleaned up,” Hogan declared.

I watched and recorded that. Lemon repeatedly asked the same questions over and over again. In effect, he was asking “why didn’t you deploy the National Guard, police, and the entire United States Army on Saturday or Sunday?”

The Governor explained that he could not deploy the National Guard until requested by the mayor. When she did, he responded.

Because Lemon was tired and he had no other angle, he kept dogging the Mayor about why she didn’t respond with the entire world’s forces on Saturday or Sunday — she said because you don’t do that when there’s only a hint of trouble. Moreover, she said things are real time, it is too early to Monday Morning Quarterback since it was, uh, still Monday.

So then Lemon danced around with a few questions, then asked the above in 10 different ways.

Finally there was nothing else to say and the Governor and Mayor had to get back to what the mayor earlier had said “the situation is in real time, we are responding.”

Hogan 2

I live in Maryland and I also know the media. Lemon fans are giving him kudos for a great hard-hitting interview when all I saw was major disrespect. The entire interview was 11 minutes in length. The interview was over plain and simple, Hogan and Rawlings-Blake did NOT walk off.

All in all Lemon looked like the racist agitator that he is, thinking what he is doing passes as journalism.

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