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Mark Levin Says He Will Leave Facebook ‘Probably By End Of The Year’

Iconic conservative host and author Mark Levin said recently that he will be “leaving Facebook probably by the end of the year” over the platform throttling his content.

“The Great One” said that his social media followers should join him on the new social media platform Parler instead.

Levin tweeted, “I’ve been restricted and censored on Facebook. Please make sure you transition to Parler ASAP as I will be leaving Facebook probably by the end of the year.”

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Mark Levin Has Been A Staunch Critic Of Facebook

Levin has not hesitated to criticize Facebook in recent weeks.

Earlier this month Levin said something similar, “I’ve had it with Facebook. They can do what they want. We will continue to simultaneously post so it’ll be in all three places, but I won’t be looking at Facebook anymore.”

“If you want to make comments, you should go to Parler,” he added, “or you should go to Twitter.”

Parler Has Taken Off

Levin has criticized what he called “severe restrictions” Facebook put on his page the day before the presidential election for supposedly sharing “false news.”

Levin denies that he did any such thing.

The new site promoted by Levin, Parler, has become a haven for conservatives disgruntled with Twitter and Facebook.

It has grown significantly during and since the presidential election as a reaction to what critics call Twitter and Facebook’s censorship policies.

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Conservative personality Dan Bongino, who is part owner of Parler, recently told the Washington Examiner, “I think there’s such rage and anger at Twitter because people by instinct don’t want to have their speech crushed.”

“They just don’t like it, and that’s not what we do at Parler,” Bongino added. We have been able to define ourselves by what Twitter isn’t.”

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