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desantis endorse trump
January 22, 2024
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ 2024 Presidential ambitions have come to an end. On Sunday, he suspended his campaign and issued an at-times backhanded, though strong endorsement of Donald Trump.
Joe Biden Won't Accept Accountability In Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal
September 1, 2021
Joe Biden defended his actions in how the U.S. exited Afghanistan, with the president refusing to admit mistakes or accept responsibility
cnn anchor brooke baldwin
April 8, 2021
CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin has left the cable news giant, but as she exits is complaining that the network is too male-dominated.
Mark Levin facebook
November 25, 2020
conservative host and author Mark Levin said recently that he will be “leaving Facebook probably by the end of the year” over censorship.
Chris Cuomo Mask
October 22, 2020
A manager at the apartment building of Chris Cuomo has allegedly issued a letter citing several complaints about him not wearing a mask