Man Alleges He Was Attacked By Mob Of Teens For Wearing MAGA Hat

An art gallery owner from Manhattan claims he was viciously attacked by a mob of teens for the sole crime of wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.

Jahangir Turan, the 42-year-old Trump supporter, reported the incident to police but no arrests have been made due to his being unable to identify any of the attackers.

“They beat me up for wearing the [MAGA] hat,” Turan told the Daily News. “They were saying ‘Why are you wearing that?’ One girl flipped the hat off my head, and I tried to grab it. Then they came after me. One guy grabbed me from behind and slammed my head against a metal post.”

Turan clearly suffered an orbital floor fracture to a bone in his left eye. Based on video interviews, physical evidence is there. Additionally, the police told the Daily News that “his statements have been consistent to police and they have no reason to doubt his story.”

Still, his inability to identify any of the attackers is concerning. Is this a legit claim or are we looking at a low-level Jussie Smollett case here?


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Making the MAGA Hat a Symbol of Hate

Democrats, fringe lunatic liberals and the media have spent a better part of three years vilifying the MAGA hat as a symbol of hate.

MSNBC guest Tiffany Cross recently declared the MAGA hat to be comparable to the swastika and said it’s high time the media start calling supporters of the President racists.

“That MAGA hat – that MAGA symbol has come to represent something,” she ignorantly bloviated. “It is the new Nazi symbol – it is the new hood, the Klan hood.”

In the case of Nicholas Sandmann, the media collectively portrayed a young man wearing a MAGA hat to be a racist, despite evidence to the contrary.

Two-time presidential loser told her followers that white nationalists view the phrase ‘Make America Great Again’ as a racist slogan.

And it’s not like there’s been a lack of legitimate violence against those sporting the hat.

In April, a black legal immigrant from West Africa was assaulted for wearing the red pro-Trump hat.

Two months prior to that, a woman was charged with assault and battery after knocking a MAGA hat off of a customer in a Massachusettes Mexican restaurant. She was arrested by ICE and faces possible deportation from the United States.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • Smollett: MAGAs tried to hang me. (no proof) Media: MAGAs are "known" racists.
    This guy: They bashed my head into a post (Look at the guy!) Media: Antifa are truly KNOWN to attack people, BUT Wait... we could have another Smollett.

    Are you F-ucking kidding ME!?! What the H-ell is wrong with the press?!?

  • Let use some facts plus logic here... Libs have been PROVEN to have committed FAKE "hate attacks".... numerous times.
    I've yet to see the same news about Conservatives...
    Also.. Libs have been seen more times then anyone can count, being VIOLENT.....
    Can't say the same of Conservatives either...
    so. are this guys claims "credible"??
    Facts say.. probably so..

  • I like the way you think. Barack's dad is Frank Marshall Davis, Chelsea's dad is Web Hubble, Ilhan's dad is Ahmed Elmi....Hard to keep all this straight!

  • How do you associate this to Jussie Smollett? He was bleached and hung by 2 disguised black men wearing a MAGA hat. He didn't have a black eye!

  • Quote: "The white nationalists certainly think MAGA is a white nationalist slogan." Funny about what people will think. I remember in 2016 Democrats thought "I'm with Her" was a better slogan than "Make American Great Again". Strange thing is I also remember that Bill Clinton also used the slogan that President Trump went with. But since he played a musical instrument he didn't stress the slogan as much.

  • ARREST the leaders: Illegal alien Barack Obama; George Soros; Pelosi; Schumer; DNC; Ilhan Omar; Cimmings & Waters & Sharpton, et.al., Clintons, et.al. Deport and banish from USA forever! IMMEDIATELY!

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