MSNBC Panelist: It’s Time to Start Calling Trump Supporters Racist Too

Tiffany Cross, a panelist on MSNBC’s AM Joy show, declared the MAGA hat to be comparable to the swastika and said it’s high time the media start calling supporters of the President for what they allegedly are – racists.

Cross kicked off a discussion in which host Joy Reid claimed Trump was stoking racial tensions by promoting white nationalism with his verbal attacks on the ‘Squad.’

She cranked it up a notch or two, however, with Nazi comparisons, KKK comparisons, and dragging the entirety of the President’s supporters.

Thinks Everybody on the Right is a Nazi Racist

“I think that this is something that his supporters — and we have to start calling his supporters racists as well,” she began, hinting that she may want to seek a refund from her therapist.

“That MAGA hat – that MAGA symbol has come to represent something,” she continued. “It is the new Nazi symbol – it is the new hood, the Klan hood.”


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Woefully Ignorant

Watch that clip again. It’s hilarious watching her try to catch her breath before she embarks on a breathless journey of racial ignorance.

Nothing like minimizing the Holocaust and those who suffered at the hands of real racism under the Klan. But then, this is your modern Democrat party.

They spit on the memories of those who have actually suffered for the sole purpose of scoring cheap political points with low-information voters.

Cross has a good history of advocating for the notion that every opposing viewpoint has to be racist. Because … well, she’s a racist.

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In previous panel segments, she has even suggested the word ‘Chicago’ is racist when discussing the Second Amendment.

“Every time you try to bring up the issue of mass shootings and preventing them, you get the reflexive ‘Chicago.’,” Cross said. “I think with the Republican Party, Chicago is their euphemism or subtext for ‘black,’ and we should just call that out for what it is.”

Let’s help Cross out here with a simple translation on a few things.

Chicago is actually a euphemism for a poorly run city in which Democrats have allowed gang and gun violence to flourish.

MAGA is a euphemism for loving one’s country.

Tiffany Cross is a euphemism for an ignorant race-baiting. Synonyms include – Democrat, liberal, and MSNBC host.

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