Make No Mistake, We Are At War – We Must Fight To Be ‘We The People’ Again

The Democrats want President Donald Trump out of the White House. Every other consideration, even mass starvation or death, seems irrelevant to them. They simply do not care. That’s what the ‘D’ really stands for.

Despite everything that Trump has done for New York during this COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis, all Democrat Governors can do is cry and whine about his handling of the virus, and how he hasn’t done enough for their state.

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We are taught there are three branches of government, but I contend there are six, and to that point, it that must work together, and yes, keep an eye on the others. This is how we keep our hard-earned and much-admired freedoms. The six branches are:

  1. Executive
  2. Legislative
  3. Judicial:
  4. Freedom of the Press
  5. The 50 Sovereign States
  6. “We The People,” the most important

As a nation, we can not be defeated by any enemy except by using our concepts of justice and equality against us.


Make no mistake; we are at WAR. We must fight to be again “We The People” that fought for the belief that “All Men are created equal.” We must fight to again have a responsible free press. Not one that is subservient to anyone except “We The People.” We must fight to again have a government that serves ONLY “We The People.” We have not always been right, but we have always try to make things better.

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The Democrats are they have a habit of being on the wrong side of history time and time again. This is not new, and the facts of history bear this out.

If the president used fear tactics (like the Democrats do all the time), instead of giving us hope and remaining positive, the reporters in the briefing room would accuse him of creating widespread panic throughout the world.


They are Euro-socialists who despise the land they call home. To be identified with America is to be identified with “whiteness” and “fascism.” They want to deconstruct everything that is American and discredit everything going back to the founding of the country. The 1619 Project will be infecting your schools soon, and I have no doubt it will become part of the Common Core curriculum to make it like a tick that cannot be removed. The Democrats of my youth do not exist anymore. They are your enemy, and the sooner you accept that, the more your eyes will be opened to their evil intentions for this country.

The fact is Democrats and the MSM would instead America and Americans fail or die than to see Trump win another election. They are acting like jihadists on a suicide mission, can’t win it, destroy it. They are terrorists.


If they win 2020, middle America and Americans overall will be severely punished. Don’t kid yourself otherwise. They have the coronavirus as a weapon now. They’ll go after religion first, prevent gatherings so churches don’t get any attendance. Then on to gun confiscation. And they’ll use coronavirus to help them. Not to mention the extreme tax hikes, again, their story will be Cornavirus cautions. This is why they are thanking the Chinese, while others are condemning them.


Give stupidity the vote, and stupidity will be in power. The curse of freedom is that stupid people are allowed to have as much of it as anybody else. Not a pleasant thought, but quite apparent in America today.

The alternative, however, is Communist China.

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America is having a problem with the virus because America is an open society, unlike any other in history. In times of crisis, people must do the right things because they ARE the right things to do. Too many people still aren’t doing that, yet aren’t social distancing, still aren’t wearing masks to protect themselves and others. It doesn’t help when half the country (Democrats) are pulling for the virus to succeed so they can get rid of somebody they hate. Because of the stupidity I mentioned, they are liable to succeed.

It is easier for a country like China to overcome a problem like this because nobody thinks for themselves — you do what the government says, or you disappear. Yes. Where you have freedom of thought, you have freedom for stupidity, and that is hurting America dearly right now.

The greatest resource in the world is the human mindset free; it is also the most dangerous.



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