China And The WHO Should Feel The Wrath Of The American Taxpayer Before It’s Too Late!


Have you noticed that we’ve gone from “it’s not that serious” to “it’s sort of serious” to “it’s really serious so use social distancing,” which has slowed the spread of the virus, to “See? We told you it’s not that serious.”

Many world leaders are also questioning the World Health Organization (WHO) and China’s actions for good reasons.


The WHO praised China’s methods for containing the spread even though China allowed 5 million Wuhan residents to travel all over the World during the Lunar New Year, effectively ensuring a worldwide pandemic. They also backed China’s claim human to human transmission was very rare, around 1% when, in fact, it over 30%.

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The Director-General of WHO also criticized President Trump’s ban on travel from China but is now praising China’s response to the Pandemic they started, false numbers reported, and all.


The first thing we should do is stop giving money to the WHO that are nothing but communist Chinese puppets, next bring back out pharmaceutical industry and put high tariffs on those who won’t come back or give special start-up deals for those companies that will build a business here and hire American workers ..You can hate Trump all you want. Still, America first is the only way this country will survive with our rights protected.

An overwhelming majority of Americans believe China is responsible for the breakout of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new poll. A Harris Poll released on Wednesday indicates that 77 percent of respondents nationally blame the Chinese government for spreading the virus.

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The sentiment was echoed across the political aisle with 67 percent of registered Democrats, 75 percent of independents, and 90 percent of Republicans attributing the Pandemic to China. The poll also found that 72 percent of respondents believed China had “inaccurately” reported about the impact that the virus had on its population.

The bottom line wanted, or unwanted, China started World War III with this pandemic. The USA and the world will not be OK with just letting China lie about what happened. China has a 2.5 million army; the USA has 100 million gun ready Americans. One that not even the military could deal with unless it bombs its way out. On that matter, China would not win this War. If they attack, the rest of the World is not on their side. Where is China going to turn, Russia? China has a small territory that quickly would be destroyed with bombs. America is spread out and would survive. Imagine what happens when 1.2 billion people start starving in China when full sanctions are on them. They would not last long. There are a lot of soft people in America, but there are 60-80 million of very tough people built of steel here. There is no country like America.


Now the virus is racist, and the media is going to use this race card against our administration. This is a fabricated panic brought on by the left and our media who doesn’t care one iota about the American citizens and the truth. This virus is no deadlier than the Flu, so why is our economy shut down?!?! Because it’s an election year!! That’s why. It’s not about the virus, folks.

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Trump’s poll numbers are slipping according to the media. Why should we be surprised when all Americans read is negative stories about how Trump is handling the crisis. No one else could have done any better. Certainly not Joe Biden.


Pres. Trump wants to reopen the country by May 1, according to a report in the Washington Post, but right now, he remains reluctant to set a date publicly. Still, the Post cites anonymous sources that say behind the scenes; Trump is telling advisers that May 1 is the day that Americans should be allowed to return to work.

So with that said, let’s get back to work!

One more thing, never forget that while the coronavirus was spreading throughout the World, the Democrats were engaged in a coup d’etat against a sitting president. Vote accordingly in November.



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