Lindsey Graham Slams Biden – He’s ‘Overwhelmed’ And ‘In Denial’ About Afghanistan Situation

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) went on Fox News on Friday to give his thoughts on President Joe Biden’s remarks on the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and the chaos that has since ensued there.

Graham went so far as to say that Biden has been “overwhelmed” by the situation in Afghanistan.

Graham Sounds Off

“Well, number one, President Biden is clearly disconnected from the reality on the ground in Afghanistan,” Graham said. “The U.N. issued a report just a month or two ago, saying that al-Qaeda was in 15 provinces of Afghanistan, after this debacle, they’re going to be everywhere.”

“He also said I’m going to hold him to his word that we’re going to get all the Americans out and all the Afghans out,” he added. 

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“He said that, but look what’s going on, on the ground,” Graham continued. “The State Department has issued a statement today, ‘You travel at your own peril. We can’t guarantee your safety, and the gates at the Kabul Airport may close at any minute.'”

Graham Doubles Down

“So, the State Department is telling people on the ground, you’re on your own, and the President of the United States is promising to get you out,” he explained. “There is no plan.”

“President Biden is clearly overwhelmed by the situation,” Graham concluded. “And I think he’s in denial about what’s going on. But because al-Qaeda is there. And there’s clearly no plan. If there were a plan, do you think a mother would be handing their baby over the wall to a marine?”

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Graham also spoke out on Friday to say that Biden “deserves to be impeached” if the United States leaves any Americans or Afghans behind.

“If we leave any Americans behind—if we leave thousands of those Afghans who fought along our side behind bravely—Joe Biden deserves to be impeached for a higher crime and misdemeanor of dereliction of duty,” Graham said in this Fox News appearance.

“If we leave one American behind,” he continued. “If we don’t get all those Afghans who stepped up to the plate to help us out then Joe Biden, in my view, has committed a high crime and misdemeanor under the Constitution and should be impeached.”

This piece was written by James Samson on August 21, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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