Liberals Are Turning on Hillary Clinton Opening the Door For THIS Guy

Hillary Clinton is having a rough summer. Her poll numbers are sagging. The once “inevitable” candidate for President has been saddled with numerous scandals that have made voters sour on her. Hillary even has three times the net unfavorability of “Deez Nuts” in a recent Minnesota poll.

Clinton is now in a dead heat with Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire. This doesn’t prove well for the Democratic Party. Their preferred candidate is underwater in a recent favorability poll and her most viable opponent is a self-described socialist.  At the current rate, both of them could lose in a general election landslide, sacrificing many other Democrats on the ticket. With Hillary’s electability rapidly slipping away, this opens a door for Vice President Joe Biden to enter the Democratic primary.

Dan Pfeiffer, a former Obama adviser, has even publicly recognized that Hillary’s campaign is suffering. In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, he stated her numbers aren’t good and she is having a very rough summer.

A lot of buzz has surrounded Joe Biden in the past couple of weeks. The Vice President is expected to make his decision this month. Apparently his late son Beau encouraged Biden to try his hand again at running for President.

Biden would have instant name recognition with Democrat voters. He will turn 74 in November 2016. Should he somehow stumble his way to the White House, this would make him the oldest American to assume the Presidency. His entrance into the primary would also solidify the Democrat’s position as the party of old white people, the opposite of what they claim to be.

Joe Biden

Pundits are encouraging Biden to enter the race. But if he does, it could end up playing out like a modern day Three Stooges. The Democrats would then have an unlikable woman, a wild haired socialist and a man who has publicly groped and cuddled with women and teenagers.

Gird your loins, America. Joe might be coming for your vote.

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