Liberal Journalist Blames Rick Perry for Ebola Death


In a grand display of ignorance, Salon editor in chief, Joan Walsh, claimed that Rick Perry and racism are to blame for Thomas Eric Duncan’s death from Ebola. She claims that Duncan received poor care because Rick Perry rejected Medicaid expansion. Because Duncan was black and uninsured, Walsh believes he received substandard care, resulting in his death.

It matters not to Walsh that Duncan contracted the disease in Liberia and then returned to the United States on his own. She compared his treatment to that of two other Americans who recovered from Ebola. She fails to mention that the hospital that treated him had no advance warning they would be treating an Ebola patient as they did with the Americans who survived the disease. The cases cannot be compared because they are completely different scenarios.

Walsh didn’t want to lose an opportunity to monopolize on Duncan’s death, so she blamed Rick Perry.

“It’s probably no accident, either, that it happened in Rick Perry’s Texas. More than 1.5 million Texans, with a median income of $833, are going uninsured because Perry rejected Medicaid funding. Medicaid wouldn’t have helped Duncan, but it might help someone exposed to him. Right now Youngor Jallah, the woman who got Duncan to the hospital when his symptoms worsened, says she doesn’t have Medicaid or any health insurance.

Presumably she’s being monitored by health officials and will be treated if she becomes symptomatic, but she’s not certain. “It’s my worry … that I will be treated the same way” as Duncan, Jallah told the Los Angeles Times.”

The Texas Governor is considering running for President again. This has made him a target of liberals who see his success as the Governor of Texas as a threat. He already was indicted for using his veto powers.  Now, he is being blamed for the death of someone who contracted Ebola in Africa.

Is this plausible or preposterous? Share your thoughts below.

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