Laura Ingraham Says Teachers Unions Are Proving Themselves To Be ‘Nonessential’ To Parents

Laura Ingraham Says Teachers Unions Are Proving Themselves To Be 'Nonessential' To Parents

On Thursday, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham said that the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association recent pursuits may be wearing thin.

These teachers unions are using COVID-19 to promote online-only learning in order to prevent returning to actual physical classrooms.

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Ingraham: ‘By refusing to teach… they are showing us how nonessential they are becoming’

“The NEA and AFT are powerful forces, but they only remain so, I think, if Americans continue to believe that public education is still worthwhile,” Ingraham said.

“By refusing to teach, by politicizing curricula, by jeopardizing our childrens’ mental and physical well-being, they are showing us how nonessential they are becoming,” she continued.

“But one gets the sense the virus fearmongering is beginning to wear thin,” Ingraham went on. “More families see the need to move on to preserve what we have while still protecting the most vulnerable. Even The New York Times seems to think the unions have maybe overstepped and risk alienating millions of voters.”

‘Why do educators get a special stay-at-home pass?’

Ingraham noted that pediatricians have emphasized how important the classroom experience is to children’s well-being.

Ingraham also said that while wealthy families will be able to hire tutors or just “take up new hobbies” while their kids learn online, this kind of situation would be stressful for lower-class parents trying to work jobs and balance the scheduling and educational needs of their kids.

“Pretty much every pediatric specialist that I have seen believes this ‘100 percent distance learning’ approach is a total disaster,” Ingraham said. “It is terrible for all children and all parents, but especially for at-risk kids from single-parent families.”

“How can Democrats endorse keeping kids at home full-time when the virus poses a minuscule threat to young Americans?” she continued. “After all, daycare centers for essential workers never shut down and grocery store employees, they show up every day to work — as do bus drivers and nurses.”

“So why do educators get a special stay-at-home pass?” she added.

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‘Truly disgusting’

Ingraham pointed to top Democrats who claim that online learning is meant to protect the health of children, citing a video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Debbie Stabenow and 2020 presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“From California to Michigan, you see a pre-election momentum beginning to build to either pause or reverse reopening,” Ingraham said. “Today, Maryland’s liberal Republican Gov. Larry Hogan cited cases in other states to justify halting his own state’s reopening.”

“Lockdowns plus trillions in welfare spending — until apparently there is zero virus in America — That is realistic,” she continued. “Remember the justification for stay-at-home orders was the need to preserve the hospital system.”

“I can kind of understand that. But now they are using these lockdowns or pauses to preserve Biden’s chances to beat Trump,” she said.

“It is truly disgusting,” she finished.

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