Laura Ingraham Says Dem Governors Are ‘Endangering Their State’s Futures’ Just To Try To Hurt Trump

As many Americans begin to wonder how long the coronavirus lockdown will last, conservative pundit Laura Ingraham believes there is “no good reason” to keep them in place, because the orders will only continue to hurt the economy and aid Democrats in the upcoming election.

“Today the Dow jumped 500 points, almost closing above 25,000,” the host said on Tuesday’s “Ingraham Angle” on Fox News. “Consumer confidence is rising. Investors across the board are seeing light at the end of the tunnel.”

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Ingraham: Democratic governors who refuse to open are ‘endangering their state’s futures’

“And Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi [are] all run by pretty conservative governors,” she noted. “Well, you see, their life is finally getting back to normal,” citing a Fox News report.

“Even California’s lockdown lover, [Gov.] Gavin Newsom, he’s under pressure from lawsuits from small business owners and people in the faith community,” Ingraham said. “And he has had to ease up also.”

But states run by Democratic governors, Michigan, North Carolina, New York and Virginia have suggested that they will continue the lockdowns going.

Ingraham said they are “endangering their state’s futures.”

Blue states staying in lockdown mode to hurt Trump in November?

“And as for those blue state governors, that just won’t accept yes for an answer. Well, don’t believe for a second their fraudulent justifications that it’s all for your own safety,” Ingraham warned. “You know, they always say that when they’re taking away your constitutional rights, but it’s becoming more obvious by the day that these power-hungry governors and radical mayors are endangering their state’s futures and will eventually see their states left behind.”

Ingraham noted a Politico report that indicated Democrats were worried that a rapid economic recovery would help Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

“There’s no good reason to keep any part of the country completely closed unless that is, you don’t want America to recover, at least while Trump is president,” Ingraham said.


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“An article in Politico, you may have heard of it, reported over the weekend that Democrats are privately freaking out — yes, you heard that right — that the American economy will be in a massive recovery mode come the fall,” Ingraham added. “Deep down, it seems like they’re rooting against life getting better for American families, rooting for Americans to remain unemployed.”

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