Kid Rock Praises Trump As ‘Toughest Son Of A B**ch On Earth’

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Kid Rock has long been one of the only openly conservative figures in the entertainment world, and over the past few years, he’s developed a close personal friendship with Donald Trump.

While appearing on The Tucker Carlson Encounter on Monday, Kid Rock opened up about his bond with the former president, who he describes as the “toughest son of a b**ch on Earth.”

Kid Rock Praises Trump

The former Fox News host Tucker Carlson pointed out that Kid Rock has spent a lot of time with Trump as of late, and he asked the singer how the former president is doing.

“Toughest son of a b**ch on the earth. He’s doing great, it’s incredible,” Kid Rock replied. “I love spending time with him and getting to know him.”

“Since he became president, the first few months having dinner at the White House with him, and from there on, we’ve just hit it off,” he continued. “I can relate to him in a lot of ways as someone who might speak out of turn a lot bit and and say what’s on my mind. If you look at his track record and who he is as a whole, there’s a lot more good there than anything.”

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Trump Hasn’t Changed A Bit Despite Indictments

Kid Rock went on to say that despite his indictments and the unrelenting attempts by the left to destroy him, Trump hasn’t changed a bit in recent months. In fact, Kid Rock went so far as to say that one would not even be able to tell that Trump is facing any kind of stress when spending time with him in person.

“When we’re golfing or hanging out in different scenarios, his spirits are always up and he’s always talking about his country,” he explained. “He’s always talking about this country and how he wants to win. I’ve never seen anybody who wants to win for this country like that guy and I don’t think we’ll ever seen anything like that in our lifetime. He’s the greatest president we’ve had.”

Later in the interview, Kid Rock continued to praise Trump while suggesting that women may be partially to blame for the negative reputation he has in liberal circles.

“I don’t know how you look at his track record and how he had this country firing on all cylinders when he was in office, everybody working, military’s the strongest, he’s leading with strength, borders under control, energy independent, you can go on and on,” Kid Rock said.

“I don’t get get it,” he added. “Seems like it’s a lot of women, in my life who…are like, ‘I don’t like the way he talks.’ It’s like, ‘Come on, you’re not putting him in the office to hear him talk nice.’ How many years have we had of that?'”

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Trump ‘Just Knows How To Have Fun’

In a 2022 interview with Carlson, Kid Rock said that Trump is “so much fun” to play golf with.

“He just knows how to have fun. He doesn’t take it too seriously,” Kid Rock said at the time, according to Daily Mail. “He’s engaging. It’s just – he’s just cutting it up, just open with politics.”

“He’s still the same guy. He sits down, he just cuts it up. He just starts cutting it up. It’s just how sharp he is, it’s incredible,” he continued. “And you can see now, if you watch a Joe Biden interview, and you watch a Trump interview, you’re just like there’s no comparison.”

In a time in which the vast majority of celebrities are shameless radical liberals, Kid Rock’s support of Trump is refreshing. In the end, we can’t help but agree with Kid Rock that Trump is one tough you know what!

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