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Tucker Carlson Kid Rock
April 10, 2024
Tucker Carlson defended America while opening for Kid Rock, describing it as “a beautiful country filled with beautiful people.”
Gavin Adcock Biden
April 10, 2024
The country music star Gavin Adcock cursed out Joe Biden, saying “f*** you Joe Biden you c**ks**king motherf**ker!”
Trump Kid Rock
April 8, 2024
The conservative singer Kid Rock is speaking out to say “if you don’t vote for Donald Trump, you ain’t from Michigan.”
Trump Ivanka
March 11, 2024
Donald Trump attended a packed UFC event on Saturday night with his daughter Ivanka and the NFL stars Joe Burrow and Nick Bosa.
Kid Rock Trump
March 1, 2024
The former President Donald Trump is sending his support to Kid Rock after the singer’s father passed away.
Kid Rock
February 26, 2024
Kid Rock is calling for Israel to kill “40,000 civilians at a time” if hostages aren’t immediately returned by Hamas.
Kid Rock Bud Light
February 23, 2024
Kid Rock is backtracking on his viral video shooting up cases of Bud Light, slamming it as a “tantrum with a machine gun.”
Dylan Mulvaney Bud Light Corona
February 22, 2024
Things just got even worse for Bud Light as it lost its crown as the bestselling Super Bowl beer to Mexico’s Corona.
Bud Light
February 16, 2024
A former Anheuser-Busch executive is saying that Bud Light hasn’t “done a good job” in trying to win consumers back.
February 7, 2024
After Donald Trump and other famous rightwingers criticized and boycotted Bud Light last year for putting transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney on their products, the former president said everyone should now rethink the situation.
Kid Rock Toby Keith
February 6, 2024
Kid Rock is speaking out to honor the country music star Toby Keith after he died last night at the age of 62.
Shane Gillis Dylan Mulvaney
February 1, 2024
Ten months after the Dylan Mulvaney debacle, Bud Light is teaming up with the conservative comedian Shane Gillis.