Kelly Clarkson Performs on James Corden’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Kelly Clarkson James Corden

Talk about having fun during a car ride. It should be considered a “joy ride” when you have Kelly Clarkson joining you in your car for a karaoke.

Clarkson won American Idol years ago and has been a star ever since. Her smooth blend of soulful vibes mixed with her country spirit, topped of with her rock ‘n’ roll roots, make for successful ingredients that have mixed and made Kelly into a vocal powerhouse.

James Corden is the host of a late-night talk show and he has this funny thing he does where he picks up stars in his car and plays songs so they can perform karaoke. It’s a huge hit and the videos go viral on YouTube, if you can imagine watching two grown adults driving down the street signing tunes with cameras rolling.

Well, Clarkson joined Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” and collectively they sing a few of her largest hits. Clarkson also sings a lullaby that just about puts Corden to sleep on the wheel.

This girl can sing!

I was raised in church and my mother used to have my sister and I practice singing as she took us from place to place performing almost every weekend. I know singing when I hear it. I know about chords. I know about pitch. I know about singing from the diaphragm. I know just about all the tricks when it comes to singing.

Most, if not all, singers know you shouldn’t sit down and sing because you can’t reach the ranges you desire, but Clarkson doesn’t have that problem. She is a complete pro at this and she’s got the goods, believe me.

I could sit and listen to her rock her songs all day long and she’s got a lot of range to do it. I hope you enjoyed watching her belt out these hits.

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