Justice For Cannon Hinnant GoFundMe Page Raises Over Half A Million Dollars

Though the mainstream media has almost completely ignored the murder of 5 year-old Cannon Hinnant, millions of people all over the globe have been left heartbroken by this appalling tragedy. They have shown this by donating to a GoFundMe campaign that has raised over half a million dollars at the time of this writing.

A GoFundMe page that was set up by Gwen Hinnant, Cannon’s grandmother, has raised over $664,000.

“On Sunday, August 9th, this precious angel was playing outside with his siblings when he was murdered,” the description of the “Justice for Cannon” page states. “He was merely doing what he would do any other day and that’s playing with his sisters, riding his bike, doing what kids do and all of the innocence that comes with being a child.”

“This family has faced unimaginable pain because of this senseless act of violence,” Gwen wrote. “We are asking for your donations to assist with anything that may be needed for expenses related to his services. We offer our sincerest appreciation in this extremely difficult time.”

“There are no words or no amount of money that’s going to bring him back,” said Lee Parker, Cannon’s stepfather. “He just loved everything. Everybody.”

Cannon was reportedly shot dead last Sunday by his neighbor, Darrius Sessoms, after riding his bicycle into his yard. The murder was witnessed by another neighbor as well as by Cannon’s two sisters, who are ages seven and eight. Sessoms, 25, has since been arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

“That’s evil,” the boy’s grandfather, Merrill Race, said. “I never met this guy in my life, but that is one evil dude. He’s [in jail] where he should be.”

A candlelight vigil to honor Cannon’s life was scheduled to take place on Friday night, but it was postponed to give the family more time to mourn and heal, according to WSOC-TV. Despite the fact that the event was cancelled, dozens of people still showed up at the Wilson County Courthouse for the vigil.

“I don’t know the family, but I want to say to the family that we love you. We’re praying for you and we’re standing with you,” a pastor told WNCN-TV.

“I’ve never been to a candlelight vigil before but I just felt compelled to come tonight,” one woman said, with another adding, “I have a little grandson almost the same age and it could happen to anyone.”

This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on August 15, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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  • to be fair the MSM doesn't report black on black homicides either ... but it should be reported and then reported again ...

  • Imagine! Even they have little children...they are totally HEARTLESS when it comes to other people's children. But then, they are hypocritical leftists...

  • We all know what would be happening right now at the Wilson County Courthouse, had the poor little boy been black, and the killer a white man. The courthouse, and the town, would be another Portland, Seattle, etc., full of leftist idiots screaming racism and white supremacy...and burning and stealing everything in sight. But no, just crickets from these goons. Seems a dead little 5yr old white boy can't further their leftist agenda, so "screw him", as I'm sure they're saying. The innocent have no intrinsic value to these evil Marxists, only their "value" to the leftist cause of dominance, and subjugation... Trump2020

  • Imagine, the so-called "Journalists" of MSM, ignore this wanton MURDER of a young WHITE boy, simply because he was murdered by a BLACK man! We have really moved to a different place, a not so good place!

  • If you were to hear about this cold blooded murder in the liberal Media: ‘Black disenfranchised descendant of slaves snaps at young future racist white privileged Boy’.    I’d like to say “let’s riot, loot and burn down their hoods, but all you’d get would be drugs, hookers, pimps, ghetto cars, fake gold chains, and stuff they stole the weeks before!  Thank you black and white liberals!!!!

  • Well said, Liz!! Evil knows no skin color, except for when activists manufacture, provoke and stoke artificial crisis of race.

  • After conservative media published it, then the pressure made the Fake News Marxist Media cover their behinds, not merely reporting it FINALLY, but covering themselves in their hypocritical mantle of self-righteousness.

    As the Washingtin Post said and I quote (and most of those you mentioned said something in this direction): "Soon after it was reported, Cannon’s story was seized upon by some conservative outlets as an example of what they view as selective outrage among the left and the mainstream media. Amid a national reckoning over racial injustice, they pushed the claim that the story was being ignored because of race: Cannon was White, while Sessoms is Black."

    Yeah, hate the conservative media and portray it as prejudiced to hide your own prejudice and never ending indoctrination and propaganda of a "reckoning over racial injustice", which is just another manufactured and provoked and stoked crisis. More and more people every day don't fall for that anymore. We are the true awake, the true woke.

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