‘Justice Expert’ AOC Weighs In On AG Barr’s Emergency Proposals – When Do We Vote Her Out Again?

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On Sunday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined CNN to speak on the pending pandemic and with her so-called expertise, stated that the coronavirus should not be an excuse for the suspension of civil rights.

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked AOC to respond to the DOJ’s emergency proposals, including one which would give Attorney General William Barr the power to ask chief district judges to pause court proceedings when the Court is overwhelmed.


AOC’s “said there’s a “long history” of governments using emergencies to strip away civil rights.”

No, there’s a long history of Democrats using emergencies to get more of their personal pork attached to emergency legislation to get more undeserved “freebies” to buy more votes at actual taxpayers’ expense.

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The actual request by AG William Barr was to grant the senior Federal Judge at each Federal Court the authority to stop the clock on time limits if his or her Court is unable to conduct proceedings until, and only until, that Court can reopen. Barr did NOT ask Congress to grant the Justice Department this authority; he requested that it be granted to the Judiciary.

During a state of emergency, like what was declared and we have, there are a lot of things that will have to be set aside for the good of the country and the people. Since the AG is the boss of the judges, it is his responsibility to protect the people that work for him.it is also the responsibility of the government to protect the health of the public. If the judge, government, or AG, feels it is unsafe for the public, they should have the right to suspend until it can be deemed safe enough to continue.

If people don’t want to end up in this situation, don’t break the law.


It’s funny how someone who advocates for government control of everything is railing against government control. I guess whether it’s right or wrong has to do with which party is in the White House.

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No one is taking away anyone’s rights. All they would be doing is putting cases on hold. AOC is in favor of mandatory confiscation of guns, and she’s squawking about civil rights being violated?

I have an idea, AOC, instead of finding fault and complaining about everything that doesn’t fit into your narrow vision – putting differences aside and working for something positive for the overall good of ALL Americans, regardless of their party, during a crisis? That would mean way more than your current agenda! Forget about the politics and care about the people (from the grass-root level that you claim to love).

The left fought Trump when he was the first president in the world to stop traffic from infected areas. Now they are fighting his attempts to snuff out the virus by sheltering in place while criticizing him for not acting fast enough. It’s not Trump’s fault all of our supplies come from China. Trump warned us about that and was working in fixing that when the outbreak started, remember?

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It’s very simple. AOC has become the face of the most fringe, the radical wing of the Democratic Party. She runs on things that many Democrats want but can never say (for fear of losing elections). This is why so many Democrats are trying to distance themselves from her — unless it’s convenient for them (in intensely blue districts are in terms of fundraising from AOC-supportive groups).

With any luck, this sorry excuse for a public servant will be gone in November. Her and her other three tribe squad members also.

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