Judge Throws The Book At Rioters – Hits Them With $1 Million Bail

A clearly fed-up judge from Pennsylvania just threw the book at some rioters, hitting them with a whopping $1 million bail after they allegedly violently protested the police shooting of a knife-wielding man in Lancaster.

Twelve Rioters Arrested

Twelve adults and one juvenile were arrested by Lancaster police officers at around 3am on Monday, according to Fox News. This came after chaos ensued following the Sunday afternoon death of Ricardo Munoz, a mentally ill 27 year-old man who was caught on body camera footage charging an officer with a knife.

The cop obviously had no choice but to shoot the man, yet this did not stop violent riots from ensuing that culminated in police deploying tear gas on the crazed crowd.

During the riots, a mob marched from the scene of the shooting to the local police station, throwing glass bottles, rocks, brick, gallon jugs filled with liquid and plastic road barricades at officers. The twelve arrested adults have been identified as: Jamal Shariff Newman, 24; Barry Jones, 30; Frank Gaston, 43; Yoshua Dwayne Montague, 23; Matthew Modderman, 31; Talia Gessner, 18; Kathryn Patterson, 20; Taylor Enterline, 20; T-Jay Fry, 28; Dylan Davis, 28; Lee Alexander Wise, 29; Jessica Marie Lopez, 32.

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They have each been hit with a lengthy list of felony and misdemeanor charges, including arson, riot, institutional vandalism and criminal conspiracy.

Judge Throws The Book At Rioters

Magisterial District Judge Bruce A. Roth set bail at $1 million for nine of the defendants: Newman, Jones, Montague, Modderman, Gessner, Patterson, Enterline, Fry and Davis. All of them were unable to post this bail, according to court records, and they are each being held at the Lancaster County Prison.

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Lancaster Stands Up, a local social justice group, released a statement expressing fury over the $1 million bails.

“The absurdly high bail amounts indicate that what we’re seeing is not a measured pursuit of justice, but a politically motivated attack on the movement for police reform and accountability,” the group wrote on Twitter.

The group then called on elected officials like Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace and Gov. Tom Wolf, to “to step in and defend Taylor, Kathryn and other peaceful protesters against the politically motivated actions of local law enforcement, prosecutors and judges.”

The group had claimed that Enderline and Patterson were acting as “medics” during the protests.

Violent riots such as this one have taken over the country in recent months, destroying cities all over the nation. No wonder this judge was fed-up, and if more judges set similar bails, perhaps people will think twice before rioting violently.

This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on September 15, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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